Video itself a powerful tool for marketing and promoting your own products, services and your business. Just imagine what if you have stunningly created tools for making inspiring business videos as per your personal choice. Yes, you have such options to create your own videos that immensely help in promoting your brand, product or service.

Are you the one hesitating to produce animated videos because they are expensive? Many small businesses to larges businesses spending a lot of money on making animated videos – and good luck to them – they don’t need to splurge their money much anymore. You have many different tools in the market for creating your business video and we are going to discuss about five tools that help you to get started!!!

1. GoAnimate

Firstly, we are going to take a look at GoAnimate which is an ultimate tool helps to produce high-quality, and unimaginable animated videos at a low cost.

This special tool is being used by many reputed companies across the world. Even, “Agriya”, a leading web development company has been using this tool for creating highly impressive and attractive animated videos for students, teachers and corporate professionals.

Experience the richness and quality of our video’s developed from this remarkably user-friendly tool.

GoAnimate is the right solution for creating animation and video presentation. This is an exclusively developed tool will surely make your animation designing work an enjoyable experience. It also provides various pre-designed animations for many industries and users in a customized form.  It helps the users to make videos in quick time as it is incorporated with simple user interface.

2. Make Web Video

Do you want to make visually appealing videos with high quality and at affordable prices, then try “Make Web Video” tool.

This tool is excellent if you are making fine quality animated videos and presentations in a prompt manner. It has been emerged from high end technologies and greatly helps in producing complex animations promptly. It includes numerous animation design templates to choose from. You can pick any templates and can activate them by adding text content to the templates.

It’s an absolute web-based application, thus users are not required to download any specific software instead they can simply use internet browsers for producing videos. It is not a free tool but it saves you time while producing good quality videos.

3. Vcasmo

Vcasmo is an amazing tool which helps to create videos that is beyond your imagination and this is the most affordable way to produce high quality videos as per your preferences.

It helps to incorporate HD images, sound clips and videos effectively for developing enticing animated video and presentations in a timely manner. This is a great tool that paves way for producing highly captivating animations that is ideal for any business presentations.

It is highly compatible with any mobile platforms as it is a web based tool. Besides it supports embedding presentations into any blog or website. Users can avail both free and paid service according to their convenience.

4. Mixeek

Want to show your customers how your product works through videos then choose Mixeek!.

Mixeek is another dynamic and web based tool that enable the user to create superior quality and beautiful animations videos with a wide range of effects. The options available with this tool really mesmerize you. It is one of the useful animation tools to create spectacular animated videos. Since it is an online tool it runs very well on most browsers.

5. Empressr  

Empressr is a widely preferred due to its ability to produce rich quality animated videos. It is an online multimedia presentation designing tool available with many different design templates with effects and editing features. It incorporates a simple user interface that is provides needed convenience for creating videos.

It is a smart tool for making corporate or business presentations. It also allows the user to import content from various websites like Flickr to embellish the look of your presentations. You can also share presentations via email or by embedding into your website or blog.

All these five tools sure to improve your business, no matter whether it’s a product or service..