Human race has the thirst of raising money for their dreams, charities, events, business ideas and projects. During the times of recession, the thirst increases. In order to meet their goal, they search various crowdfunding websites can stimulate their fundraising process and helps them to raise funds easily. Let’s see the topmost crowdfunding websites which will help them to generate funds easily.



Anyone can raise money for anything from anywhere from this global crowdfunding website. This makes the website famous than any other website. Big global players like Ubuntu used this platform to raise funds for their new smartphone. It has hosted more than 44,000 campaigns till date and helped to raise about 170 million dollars.

This website sports all the niches of the current world. This website charges one percentage lower than other websites for successful projects. However, it takes 9% of commissions for unsuccessful projects. This website uses PayPal and bank wire for transactions of payments through the website.



Rockethub is another famous reward based crowdfunding website, which also helps people around the globe to raise funds for their project. This website stands out from the crowd due to its innovative features like Success School and the launch pad. The success school is an educational resource which is open for all the members of the website.

This can help them to accomplish their projects easily. The launchpad acts like a platform to connect the projects with top-notch brands and companies. The website charges a 4% commission with 4% credit card handling fee for projects which met their goals on time. If they don’t meet on time, the website charges around 8% commission fee with 4% credit card fees.



GoGetFunding is another mascot in the list of crowdfunding websites. This reward based platform helps users to raise funds for all kinds of projects. It follows keep it all model, so you can keep all the funds you have raised from the website. The customer service of this website is fabulous. You get answers to all your queries in a short span of time.

The best part of the website is that it has an extremely user-friendly interface to set up a campaign. It charges 4% of commission + 2.9% (PayPal/Stripe fees) + $0.30 (PayPal/Stripe fees) on per transaction made on the website.

This famous website smoothly runs on Agriya’s Kickstarter clone script-SFPlatform. The script has empowered the website with converting landing page designs, secure codes, revolutionary features and profitable revenue options.



Kickstarter brought the revolution of crowdfunding in the USA. This website has funded more than 900 million dollars for successful projects. This website follows a very strict procedure to approve projects; this mechanism introduces only creative projects to its backers. They have a user-friendly interface, excellent support and they promote your campaign too.

Only the citizens of the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can raise funds on the website. This website follows all or nothing model. It charges a 5% commission from the transactions made for the campaign. If you want to be successful with this website, your campaign should provide great rewards and a communicative video.



Peerbackers is also a reward based crowdfunding platform which allows users to raise funds easily. They have exclusively launched crowdfunding Academy for educating and supporting the users to leverage the power of crowdfunding in the most effective way. Anyone form any part of the world can post a project on this website.

This website charges 5% of commission from the funds collected for a crowdfunding campaign. You also have to pay 2.9% of the transaction fee charged by PayPal. Once you reach 80% of your goal, you can start giving rewards to the backers.

How to create an exclusive crowdfunding site?

All the above-mentioned crowdfunding websites are concentrating on many niches of the world. This diversifies the investors to various other sectors. If they concentrated in one particular happening niche, they would have been more successful. The best way to develop a niche specific crowdfunding website instantly is by using a Kickstarter clone script. They provide all the necessary features, revenue options, codes and features to launch a full fledge crowdfunding website quickly.

Final word

The above-mentioned crowdfunding website has collectively raised more than 1.8 billion dollars till date. Imagine the power in this industry and use a Kickstarter clone script to enter into the recession free industry and unleash it for profits.