The year 2016 had been a marvelous time for all the tech lovers, introducing our world with plenty of new technologies. Constantly moving from the traditional technology of desktop to smart robot and Internet of things technology wherein our lives are continuously connected to our smartphone, smart machines and other variety of technological products such as iPad, smart watches etc. Most of the android and iPhone application development company implement the top mobile app development trends in their development stages.

According to the reports from the Gartner survey, it is expected that the number of mobile app downloads will reach 268 billion times in 2017. So today mobile app development is a trendy topic for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Trends in App Development

As 2017 is next to our doorsteps, here we would love to discuss the top 6 mobile application development trends looking out for in 2017,

The Internet-of-Things dominates (IoT)

IoT apps have tremendously become a crucial part of our day-to-day life. With its growing popularity, it will play as an important aspect during the development of mobile apps. IoT apps are already increasing the revenues and profits and are expected to rise by 2017. Most of the business verticals from fields of health, security, education, smart homes and automobiles and much more have already started experimenting with IoT and the result being very positive concluding that it will be a great move in 2017.

App Security and Privacy

With the huge growth of mobile app industry, the number of security threats and attacks have also stuck to it. So most of the users have admitted their fear of the cyber attacks. Taking this into account, the in-built security features in both the Android and iPhone will grow stronger. App developers are looking forward to implementing stronger data encryption in the upcoming apps. So app security is right at the center of attraction for the app makers in the year 2017.

Location Based Services (LBS) to continue its reign

GPS are now available for most of the mobile devices these days, enabling the location based services to evolve further giving its users real-time information. The interest in the location-based mobile apps will continue to flourish like before in the coming next years.

AR & VR enabled Apps

Do you remember the Pokemon craze everyone was behind? In this, we witnessed the power of Augmented Reality apps. Now a huge number of apps have started implementing Augmented and Virtual reality and is expected to bring out an amazing outcome within the next years. They transform the way we interact with each other and with software systems.

User Experience (UX) will be more satisfying

UX is the primary focus in the mobile app developments and in 2017 it will be enhanced in a more practical and innovative way. Mobile applications are much easier to use and we tend to quit it whenever we feel it unpleasant for usage. So the app development must be carried out in such a way foreseeing from the user’s point of view.

Chatbots are trending soon

Chatbots are seen by many as an easy and fun way helping out in their digital tasks. The most popular of today’s are Siri, Alexa, and Allo. Developers are looking to find how chatbots work and are very keen in making Chatbots more like humans in terms of their personalities, speech pattern recognition making interactions smoother.


With trends as these on the rise, mobile app development won’t be the same anymore. Certainly, mobile application developers have a whole lot of advancements to experiment with. Users, on the other hand, may expect serious improvements contributing to their overall experience. So what does this mean to mobile application development companies? Well, it’s all about quick adaption and implementation. More detailed the implementation, easier it becomes to match the expectations in targeted segment. Also, as an entrepreneur, it’s a great time to land on your feet if mobile application development is what you’re focusing on.