Lately, the world has seen some great progress in terms of business and economics. Following the inception of digital, most of our prototypical business approaches have changed. Most of all, novel conceptions and notions of business arise. On-demand remains prominent in that list. Even though this specific industry is considered a newbie, it’s foundation trace back to the year 2017; When Apple launched its first-ever digital service called iTunes. Today, the same has grown in a substantial manner, results in the inception of a new evolution of consumer retail. Here in this document, we feature the 6 best on-demand business models which are more likely to be the next big thing in 2019.

Potent On-demand Business Use cases for Future-focused Businesses

On-demand Business Models 2019

When discussing the on-demand possibilities, there is no way one could neglect the significance of mobile applications. Anyhow, there are fundamentally three kinds of applications.

  • Business to consumer (B2C)
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Consumer to consumer (C2C)

Also, another main aspect in on-demand business is the industries it is serving. And this what we meant by business models here. In other words, one can interpret this whole piece as diverse on-demand opportunities.

Transportation/ Travel

The massive success of Uber and Airbnb itself is sufficient to substantiate how big the on-demand opportunities are in commuting and travel industries. In fact, 75% of total on-demand investments are distributed among 5 on-demand enterprises. Out of which, four belongs to transportation and travel sector.

Global Taxi Industry

However, we are well convinced by the fact that, no matter how huge the possibilities are, the worst nightmare of every entry-level organization step into this realm is, the competition of Uber. But, if you learn to see from a different perspective- if you can comprehend uber’s strategies with an intention to learn and to gain inspiration, you can also achieve the same or more than Uber has ever done. China’s Didi Chuxing and OLA from India are the best examples for this.

Now, if developing an Uber-like application what that worries you, our premium taxi booking solution will an ideal pick for you. Because it is a ready-made software, you can easily employ it and transform it into an all-encompassing mobile app. No need for a tedious development process; just engage and deploy.

Food and Grocery Delivery

According to us, this was one of the best moves in the on-demand industry. Being the most wanted commodity, moreover, essentiality, food or any similar products has great potential in terms of trade. And expanding on-demand possibilities to the gigantic food industry can actually improve the reach and influence of the same. According to CGA Peach, in 2016 alone 50% Brits adult population, ie 28.6 million people made benefit out of on-demand food delivery.

Food Delivery Market

Lately Swiggy, Zomato and Uber managed to succeed in this arena. However, more and more on-demand businesses are mushrooming day by day. And this is just the beginning. Today, only 1% of the entire food market is explored by on-demand businesses, and that makes this worth giving a try for.


Since healthcare is the backbone standard of human progress, isn’t it necessary to improve its reach and thus make it accessible to everyone? This why on-demand is very effective in the healthcare business. Apart from scheduling the appointments, the on-demand intrusion has also facilitated the medicine delivery. You can tap the needed medicine, pay for it and the medicine will be delivered at your doorsteps.

eHealth Market

Doctors on-demand is the most relevant example of on-demand influence in healthcare. With the help of the app, one can consult an expert; further the doctor examination, the recommendations will be given. 1mg, PharmEasy, Myra, and NowRx are a perfect example of medicine delivery apps.


E-commerce is the very part of the on-demand industry. In fact, there was no such business vertical as e-commerce prior to the inception of on-demand businesses. On-demand eCommerce apps have transcended the trading perspective of our generation. One can purchase or sell anything ranges from Clothing to home appliances just in a click of time.

The millennial e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Wallmart, The home depot etc has gained great recognition and this shows how big the market possibilities are and how much one can gain if only he/she is willing to take the risk of trying.

Beauty and Wellness

Beauty market is the actual reflection of modern commercialization. As our quest for advanced physical upgrades seems never-ending, the beauty industry signifies one of the best feasible options for anyone who seeks to step into the on-demand arena.

The basic idea of on-demand beauty platforms is similar to any other on-demand apps; for it would match stylists with customers. However, beauty on-demand business model is further divided into 2 categories.

  • Automatic selection of stylist
  • Manual selection of stylist

Anyhow, many pre-established enterprises in this particular industry have already begun utilizing on-demand possibilities. Hence and so, this would be the right time to kickstart your own on-demand beauty and wellness services.

Professional Services

From our business perception, this is where a whole lot of on-demand opportunities reside. Over the years, our view towards professional services has changed. The incoming of on-demand concepts has driven further advancements in this sector. However, this will be that one particular on-demand sector that empowers you to explore a wide array of services. Because it involves several professional services ranging from emergency household services to babysitting, the opportunities are limitless.

On-demand Service Market

Another added advantage is, since your platform features a diverse range of services, to drive traffic into the app wouldn’t be a problem at all. You can analyze and learn from similar platforms such as Venturapact, Serviz etc before going deep into the action.

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