Beyond the explanation of mere words the prominence of mobile applications are raising day by day. Mobile application developers working at various levels will have to keep their senses wide open to update advanced technical innovations occur in the domain of smartphones and wearable. Keeping their levels par to the recent advancements is extremely important for every mobile apps developer to remain potentially equipped in the mobile world. Reading up to date resources and making it into practice regarding the relevant domain will help developers to update their knowledge and try new coding procedures. Here is a list of some exceptional online tutorials on mobile designs.

1. How to Design Android UI/GUIs in Android Studio

This You-Tube video tutorial provides developers details about utilizing Eclipse for a GUI design. The video explains about the creation of graphical user interfaces that can be perfectly used for your applications. It gives tips for the effective usage of Android Studio. Simple and clear explanations make this video extremely useful.

2. Adaptive Layout Tutorial in iOS 9: Getting Started


The tutorial is complete in explanations on adaptive layouts in iOS9. Every iOS developers who want to know more on adaptive designs should read this article. It is well-presented and has comprehensive explanations on many essential things including the preview assistant editor. Learn more.

3. Introduction to Material Design


Users may find plenty of articles to learn about material design, for Google has made material design a basic thing for android. However, this tutorial serves as a great help for readers to learn about the introduction to material design. It introduces some vital features of material designs to users. Learn more.

4. Responsive Images in Practice


Responsive web designs are proving to be essential now a day. However, this web space is not complete in providing entire details regarding responsive web designing to novice developers. Still it comprises of so much practical information relating the introductory features of responsive web designing. All explanations made on the topic are precise and clean. The topic also offers more in-depth details on responsive web designing, as well. Learn more.

5. Android UI Tutorial: Layouts and Animations


If you want to know more about the topic Android UI layouts and animations, you will not have to search more. Just click the link above and grasp it. The use of all kinds of layouts, views, and motions on the android studio is depicted with vivid details. Creation of animations, grid view, and layouts can be easily learned from this platform. The projects done with this tutorial are made readily accessible on GitHub. Both the beginners as well as professionals find the tutorial as an effective one. Learn more.

6. An Introduction to Android Accessibility Features


The course explains more on UI elements, and development of independent accessibility services so on. Entire accessibility features offered by Andriod as an operating system is explained in the tutorial. Learn more.

7. Building Great Mobile Menus for Your Website


Menus happen to be a common factor in all types of websites suited for desktop and mobile devices. This tutorial depicts the ways to build animations using CSS and jQuery. It also throws light in the making of rapid and responsive menus and pop-up menus. Learn more.

8. How to Build a Simple Mobile Website with CSS3


This tutorial may appear primitive for many developers, for the methods discussed in it are a bit old. Still it provides some splendid methods for building fast performing mobile applications. Learn more.

9. Responsive Data Tables: A Comprehensive List of Solutions


Like menus, tables are vital aspects that provide a responsive nature to your websites. The codes explained in this article are mainly JavaScript based ones. Making of tables in an RWD pattern by following the frameworks like Bootstrap, and foundation so on is explained with complete details in this tutorial. Screenshots and demo accompany each example to make things easy for learners. Learn more.


These tutorials are exclusively selected for the use of developers working in a professional mobile apps development company and developers who do freelance work alike. Users will find all these resources very informative and purposeful in many ways.