CakePHP is one of the fastest developing PHP based frameworks, incarnating a basic structure for the developers creating web applications. It is a highly robust technology that simplifies feature-rich and customized website developments. By opting for CakePHP you can be relaxed as it assists in building the web applications simpler and at a faster pace requiring lesser codes.

Why rely on CakePHP framework?

In fact, there is a huge reason on why you should choose CakePHP as the framework for your project. You being a developer, it allows you to write very little codes rather than with the other web development frameworks.

So in case someone asks me what drives me to choose CakePHP as my project framework then I would list them the below reasons:

MVC Architecture

CakePHP works on the Model View Controller(MVC) architecture that enables you to list any changes in the database with ease. With this, you can turn an application into a modular, maintainable and rapidly developed pack.

Flexible & Fast

It is fast in processing and provides the rich set of features for the data validation that makes it highly flexible.

Highly Secure

CakePHP is treated as an authorized tool wherein it comprises of certain built-in tools like SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, input validation and much more.

Zero Configuration

In the CakePHP, configuring just happens to be a piece of cake, making everything auto-detectable. Precisely, there isn’t a single part of the code where you need to highlight the location or give out the URL of the website.

Object Relational Mapping

Also known as ORM, is an incredible built-in making the creation of queries much easier. This framework will protect your application from the attack of SQL injection by filtering process.

Opted by Big Market Players

CakePHP from its budding stage itself has always been the choice for the big names like BMW, Zumba, Express and much more.

Benefits of CakePHP:

Convert your business idea into innovative solutions by availing the coming up benefits of CakePHP

  • Its a free software that anyone can easily access
  • It is a brilliant file manager wherein it allows you to easily the contents and themes
  • Equipped with a full pack of content management features
  • RSS feeds and comments
  • Easy installation and usage of software tools
  • Acts as the best software that provides an extensible architecture for creating e-commerce websites and blog
  • Enhanced with multiple language options

Bake a new Project in CakePHP

The bake console is the crucial part in the CakePHP framework which makes the code running at a faster pace. Within just a few minutes, this bake console can create a fully functional app. This is simply a great tool that will make the project more quickly taking away the monotony of building the basic actions in PHP.

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