Laravel represent one of the most commendable PHP frameworks as it outruns the rest in terms of performance, features, and scalability. It is widely adopted because of its propensity to simplify the common tasks like authentication, routing, sessions and caching. Numerous web development service providers inspirit this transit to Laravel development services as well. Nearly all of the Laravel development companies favour the same since it has a unique architecture. Moreover, it provides developers with the freedom to create their own infrastructure that is specifically designed for their application. However, never omit the fact that, like any other framework Laravel’s development cycle also holds certain hindrances and even though you have vanquished every other development challenges, hiring the right person can be a real bother sometimes. Firstly, let’s take a walk through the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer. Further will explore the best five questions to consider during the process.

Why Should You Hire A Laravel Developer?

Unlike CMS, or ECommerce frameworks Laravel is an all-rounder and hence, it demands profound expertise and dedication. Listing below the prime benefits of hiring Laravel developers,

  • Give overall control over the process – Having your own team of developers offers you with freedom. Freedom to communicate, freedom to involve and moreover, You’ll be the boss, and he/she will work exactly as you want.
  • Increased productivity– Productivity is a key factor since it carries a major share of your success. The development team works based on the tasks and time frame given. As they finished certain tasks, the process moves to further recommendations and quality testing. Therefore, it will help improve the quality and the productivity as well.
  • Manage your project efficiently – A successful project merely depends on a developing a perfect product. It is about sustainability and support. Imagine a situation when a critical issue arises in your project. If you own your own Laravel development team, they will have all the sufficient resources and will rectify the error soon as possible.

Now, let’s get into the core part; the 5 important questions which you should consider asking while hiring a Laravel developer.

1. How Would You Solve This Speculative Issue?

Sometimes this single question itself will deliver the answer to all your queries. Here, we would raise a hypothetical issue which I would like to get fixed or a feature we would like to build. The question the other party asks or the solution they suggest will depict their interest towards the process as well their expertise in this particular realm.

2. How do you match up with the latest programming trends and technologies?

This may seem like a usual query but this is our ideal weapon of choice. When we ask this question, we actually have every possible, typical reply in our mind. And you don’t have to hit us again and again with those answers. What we crave is a glimpse into your attitude towards learning and collaboration. In fact, the ideal reply includes a combination of independent research and networking with colleagues.

3. How would you distinguish Laravel 4 from Laravel 5.x?

The interviewee can hit you with a ton points but what we actually look for is that one key reply that reflects his expertise in Laravel development scenario. However, we won’t just ignore the one who lists out every possible point but it’s all about priority. So, if you have to choose between the two, we would go for the first person. And that’s a certainty.

4. What is Laravel Eloquent?

The purpose urged on this question is simple, to examine the proficiency in Laravel development services. One can always replace this question with any relevant question but the intention remains the same. The ideal reply should be brief yet up to the mark.

5. What Criteria Would The Interviewee Look For If They Were A Laravel Development Firm Hiring A Developer?

Ask to express the candidate’s criteria while hiring someone for a similar purpose. This will help you foresee his/her’s ethics and ideology. Moreover, it will shed some light over their hidden traits.

Final Thoughts

Even Though we provide certain questions to distinguish the ideal candidate from the rest, it won’t works every time. The right path to choose the perfect candidate is always about having a better understanding of your requirements and the purpose.