Top 6 travel-based mobile application: Turn your travel into a memorable experience

Mobile applications developed embracing disruptive business models have always succeeded. Travel apps are no different. They serve different purposes of a digital-savvy traveler, starting from accommodation booking to flight updates and money exchange to navigation. Numerous travel apps have risen to help travelers at different stages of their journey. Their numbers are increasing rapidly and so is the difficulty in choosing one. So, here, we walk you through a list of top travel apps that are mighty helpful in its own way.

1. Airbnb

Driven by an innovative idea, Airbnb has scaled a tremendous user base. As a hospitality service platform, they help travelers book vacation rentals, hotel rooms, apartment rentals, and homestays. This app makes your travel experience simpler by rendering guides for local inspiration. Also, there’s a neatly dedicated section for booking actions. Moreover, it facilitates travelers to choose a property across 33,000 cities worldwide.

2. App in the Air

This app is the best bet for flight travel as it functions more or less like a personal flight assistant. It accords crucial instructions and updates corresponding to flight travel. Right from check-in to landing, travelers receive key updates just about on everything. And, the best thing is that it works even in offline. The app encompasses relevant details of 66 airlines, 66 aircraft and 167 airports across 60 countries.

3. Vaway

And, we have a vacation rental application featuring on our list again. This application works along the same lines of Airbnb. Easy manageability is what this app focuses on. Simply, it helps a rentee (host) stay in close correlation with a renter via an user-friendly interface. Property verification and property management elements of the app make it a real stand-out. The desktop and mobile version of the application was developed on the top of a ready-made solution called Burrow.

4. XE Currency

Next up on our list is a currency exchange rate app-XE currency. With over 55 million-plus downloads, there’s no doubt that it is the most sought-after currency conversion app. This app contains integration of most of the currency you can ever imagine. Also, users can retrieve live exchange rates, calculate prices and see historical charts; all within the app. The app works on all leading platforms seamlessly. And, much like “App in the air”, users can access the app offline.

5. Tripit

When it comes to planning a trip or group trip, Tripit promotes greater co-ordination. You can feed travel-oriented information via confirmation emails of your purpose and the app optimizes it into a neat timetable. Simply put, a user shall direct the e-mail and the app takes care of the rest of the action. On the whole, this app can act as a great tool for organizing a group trip.

6. Time out

Time out is a platform that literally suggests what should one be doing in cities across the world. The app offers a wider coverage almost at any point of your travel. It provides a top list of bars, restaurants, events, and attractions. The event finder option of the app helps largely in uncovering concerts, live shows, and exclusive happenings around you. Simply, it makes sure that you never miss out on any of the fun!


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