As you already know, Agriya has re-launched, with brand new products to offer; and after its unfortunate decline in the recent past, is back with loads to give its customers.

We’ve launched a powerful new product – Download Guard Pro. This software works rather simply, keeping an eye on your products and securing your income, making sure no hackers and opportunists can find and share your download links.

You can now be sure nobody is going to steal your hard earned revenue. It protects all your digital downloads, allows you to manage unlimited products from a single site, and you can view complete transaction history of all your products. It helps secure your admin area, and you can add Google Analytics to track sales conversions.

This is a tried and tested product, and you are assured of the best quality, in product and all services related to it. There is a fabulous selection of bonuses that we offer you along with every purchase and you will simply be blown away once you’ve seen it. Some of the products we offer as bonuses are pretty rare, and as is our policy of satisfying customers in every way we can, you can out these products to the best use, and earn a whole lot of cash for yourself.

At a mind-blowingly low price, we offer you this software that is going to be your ultimate solution to the security you’ve always wanted. What’s more, we give you a no questions asked full money back guarantee. We’re so sure you’re going to be so happy with our product. After 60 days of use, if you are still not happy with it (which is quite unlikely), we’ll return all your money without a single question, and you can keep any products that you downloaded!

Of course, we give you the best after sales services and our dedicated support team is always there to solve your problems and answer your questions!

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