Reasons for upgrading the apps are more in number. Let it be an incompatibility issue or data loss or security hole or time lapse. On the whole, an app requires a timely update to enhance its performance to be ahead of the industry competition. This is why all applications are nagging us to update irrespective of its platform, at times.

Agriya is vigilant in upgrading all of its app products in a timely manner, and our uber clone script is no exception. How these new updates affect entrepreneurs, drivers, and users are explained in this exclusive blog. Learn more about this new TaxiPickr update now.

Features embedded for smooth Taxi Booking

Push Notification- Receiving  prior notifications regarding a taxi ride is now available in our TaxiPickr app script – for both Android and iPhone devices. Anything from a welcome note to choosing a taxi, a start & stop ride service, a payment confirmation or a thank you note.  Numerous notifications or emails can be sent instantly.

Easy Location Display- Current location is now listed on the drivers’ homepage. This increases buy-in for new customers wanting a taxi ride.

Rating Facility- Now, your app users can rate drivers based on their services, behaviors, and ride convenience, to name a few.

Apart from the rating feature, other 2 features, namely, push and location notification are applicable for both Android and iPhone devices.

Enhanced Cab Booking App Performance

The older version had some drag in the functionality around real-time taxi booking. Our dedicated developers have taken note and initiated debugging these errors. At this time they have effectively sorted out this issue. This advancement helps entrepreneurs run their taxi-booking app free from significant errors.

Final Word

It’s the right time to update your taxi-booking app, so utilize this update and grow your business with confidence and security knowing you will be around for the long haul.

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