Since the work forms a major portion of our lives, it has to be properly organized, calculated and efficiently handled consistently. A person’s work life has great influence on his physical as well as mental states. We have been practicing the conventional 9-5 lifestyle for decades and haven’t achieved any fulfillment or satisfaction so far. The huge incoming of freelancers into the market has given rise to a new path which is less hectic, more flexible and lifeful. Today, the Global freelance market is a $ 1.5 trillion economy, which has rapidly emerged as a huge competition for conventional workforce model.

Facts and Figures to Support the Claim

Researches show that almost 50% of millennial workers are freelancing and by the year of 2020, 43% of US workforce will be freelancers. According to the recent report of Upwork and Freelancers Union, an estimate of $57.3 million Americans is freelancing right now. It accounts for 36% of the total US workforce. When talking in terms of economy and revenues, this 43% alone contributes an approximate of $ 1.4 trillion annually. And by 2027 the majority of US workforce will turn into freelance, the prediction stands.

Factors such like leave and time spending for commuting has great influence on the productivity. When considering the frequency of taking medical leave, study shows the employees working in an office with 6+ co-workers are more likely to take leave than someone who works freelance. Moreover, the average time a normal person spend to travel per day is equivalent to 26 minutes, which is approximately 29.6 billion hours when calculating annually. You can minimize this massive commuting time to almost zero if you are a freelancer.

Freelance Economy Growth Statistics

Easily Build a Customized Freelance Platform by Utilizing Agriya’s Freelancer Clone Script

The recent figures and stats ensure a promising future for the Freelance Market. In fact, it is likely to generate a ton of freelance job opportunities by the end of this year. What is more appealing is the business possibilities it carries within. One of the main concerns associated with freelancing is the difficulty to find the right employer or even the right employee at times. A freelance marketplace platform is the solution to this issue. It provides opportunities for both employers and employees to communicate and to associate with each other. Agriya, a renowned name in modern web development scenario has introduced an astounding freelancer clone script, which can be employed by any entry-level businesses to easily set up an efficient freelance bidding website. Try the demo,

Getlancer bidding - new

Supreme Features for Unexcelled Experience

Agriya’s all-around freelancer clone script is packed with features that are accountable for a great, unrivaled functioning. It merges both employees, employers, and businesses parallelly, it distributed its attention among them perfectly as well. Thus ot has the perfect revenue model & features. Find more about the freelance platform business model & functionality to use.

Efficient Project and Category Management

Businesses can manage and organize the project accurately. They can approve, edit, flag, suspend or disapprove any listed projects accordingly. Moreover, they can classify the projects. By organizing properly, they can separate or categorize the listed projects accordingly.

Modernized Bidding System

No amount of complexities and confusions. Well defined bidding system for the precise functioning of your favorite freelance marketplace. A special feature known as the .hidden bid is integrated. It hides the freelancer bids, it enables the employer to get a right quote for the project.

Dual Sign-up Opportunities

Users are given freedom to register both as an employee and an employer. This flexible authentication method focuses on satisfying the complete demand of a user.

Great compatibility and responsiveness

A compelling UI design is inevitable for your bidding website. Since this is the part where your customers interact with the platform, the need for a streamlined user interface cannot be neglected. This freelancer marketplace script from Agriya is compatible with all browsers, moreover, it interacts with the users very well too.

Futuristic Admin Dashboard for Advanced Functions

Integrated an advanced admin panel, that makes it possible for businesses to monitor and control the ongoing process efficiently. Activities like reviews, feedback etc can be managed via this.

Effective Dispute Management System

This special feature ensures clear communication and healthy relationship between employee and employers. It resolves any issues regarding the employers and employees by providing fair solutions.

Well-organized Revenue Model

An efficient and flawless revenue model is the most crucial part of any business. Freelancer clone from Agriya ensures an efficient, sustainable revenue methodology, where money can be transferred to an account known as Escrow account (a virtual place) and further can be released according to the terms and conditions.

Associate Skill Set Modules

Skillset modules can be integrated into your platform to ensure the proficiency of the employee. This helps employers to hire the right person that fits into their requirement.

Unblemished Payment Gateways

An authentic set of payment gateways like Zazpay are integrated within the platform to guarantee safe and secure money transactions.


The rapidly growing freelance economy will overthrow the traditional workforce in near future. Many businesses and investors are bidding on the future freelance market, they foresee the revolution and support this essential reconstruction of the future workforce through several innovative ways. A world so focused on creativity, efficiency and sustainability, no longer needs a conventional workforce model but a new path empowered by freedom, convenience, and prolonged results. Freelance workforce encompasses a lot of these virtues and thus can be expected as the next big thing in the future to unfold.

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