Today many webmasters are using similar marketing strategies like online ads, blogging, email marketing, PPC etc to promote their business. Do you want to be different from those entrepreneurs? Then you need to use an exclusive strategy to stay ahead of your competitors. Ideally your customers’ testimonials themselves can be used as one of the most powerful tactics to promote your business successfully.

Testimonials are reviews written by people who have purchased your products or are satisfied by your services. Why are testimonials so effective? When you help your customers grow, you become an indispensable part of their success. They would like to describe what your product has done for them and praise your services through testimonials. It helps you build credibility and offer a sense of security to new customers.

There are bunch of testimonials you might have received from your customers but placing all those pieces will not attract your site users. For instance, a comment like, “This product is great!” sounds nice, but it doesn’t tell visitors what your products can actually do for them. You can place the good testimonials like “This product doubled my profit in a month”or “This product helped me to save $$$” and turn visitors into customers.

You can encourage your satisfied customers to go online and write reviews and feedbacks about your products and services on different script directory sites whenever possible. It will increase the quantity of your customers and enable an increment in your profits.
It is a good idea to include your customer’s photo in the testimonials to make your credibility strong among site users. You can take your business to the next level by including audio or video testimonials for maximum effect. Keep in mind that you need to ask your customers if you can use their comments on your website to recommend your products to others.

You can also setup a whole page dedicated just to testimonials. We cannot predict which part of the website the users will click on, so it is better to place your testimonials in the landing page. You can place them in front and in the center of your home page to make your valuable testimonials visible for all the users.