Twitter today is a great ear to the ground for most businesses and corporations. People love to vent on Twitter what they think about this or that company’s service or values; those companies have always seen this as a great window into their mistakes. Well, Twitter is a company with consumers too – and Twitter just happens to tune into Twitter like everyone else, to hear what the grapevine has to say about their potential to improve.

Consumer opinion seems to have trended Twitter towards the creation of two new features for users now: one called Retweet and another called Lists. The thing about these ideas is, not only did Twitter not come up with it on its own, it is not even building them on its own: fanatic Twitter enthusiasts are doing it all for the company. While this is a fresh approach, it isn’t really unheard of. Bug Labs does something similar with its hardware products, giving informed consumers to design and build their own.

Where Twitter stands out is in turning this kind of innovation from an occasional departure to a regular feature of its plan. For instance, the popular way in Twitter of providing a link to the name of anyone who may appear in your post, is to put a “@” symbol in front of their name; this popular way came of a user idea. Twitter accepts features that users think up and popularizes them even when the management doesn’t entirely like it. The wildly popular hash tag used today was a user brainwave that was wildly unpopular with the management at first.

The new feature anticipated now, called Lists, is meant to let people make lists of updates posted by their favorite celebrities or anyone. It is meant to help people make some sense of their voluminous Twitter interests. The other feature of the week, Retweet, has been in unofficial use for a while. Users a time ago formed a casual shorthand term called RT when they wanted to repost someone else’s tweet. Twitter is introducing a way that will perform the same function without increasing text volume by repetition. Now this should be something to Twitter about.