Google Alerts is the blogger’s best friend these days. Bloggers set alerts for the name of their business, to know what blogger or journalist mentions the name of their business in a positive way. When Alerts shows them the names of the blogs or online pages that have done so, they aim their efforts at making the best use of the interest observed. So how does this work?
The first thing to do, is to determine the keywords that are the most important to your business, and to set up alerts for them. You could check your leads with PageRank or SEOMoz Linkscape to determine how worthwhile and credible the writers are that mentioned your name, and then decide to go after them. You need to start building of a little database of all the bloggers, good credible ones, that appear to write positively about your site or business. Now, you need to strengthen your relationship with these writers; to this end, you need to start mentioning their name in your blogs or articles as well. They are probably monitoring your Google alerts as well for mentions of their name, and will know. If you put a link in your article to something by those bloggers, that will get you extra points with them.
Once you have carefully vetted the links and mentions to other people’s writing in your blogs, you will have gained top-of-the-head recognition with lots of important people; influential bloggers crave positive attention, and will remember the favor. Once you have many such tacit relationships with other community leaders, you can be sure that casual mentions in their blogs about you will be returned, and will build excellent referrals for you.
But it is important to not be gratuitous with the way you do your name-dropping. You need to be sure that you read through their articles to see how they referred to; you need to make sure that those really are respectable blogs. If Google sees that you have connections on your website to previously disapproved places on the Internet, it could only earn you negative results. Careful and earnest efforts at vanity searches, can easily get you great SEO results.