Since its existence, Airbnb has been the hit business model among the families and tourist to choose their own suitable host and space for staying in the foreign lands. This flourishing business model inspired numerous young talents to enter into this industry.

Get a head start of the travel booking business exactly like that of Airbnb is accomplished with the help of readily available Airbnb clone script. The thing you have to be sure enough is that the flexibility and richness of facilities crafted in your travel booking website. Because a set of rich features is highly influenced in the way of making money by running an immense travel booking website.

In keeping with this perspective, Agriya created an outstanding Airbnb clone script which is incorporated with an exclusive set of money making options and as well numerous revenue bringing features along with the script. In this post, make a quick glance at the revenue making and inducing facilities of our script.

Revenue Generating Facilities

With the highly customizable script, we have also incorporated numerous ways of revenue streams. It brings you consistent income flow to your travel booking site. Here are those instances, where you can get more income from your vacation rental business.

  • Whenever a new user enters into your website, you can drive money from the registration fee from every member.
    Get money on every property listing happens in your travel booking platform. This property listing fee is the main resource of driving revenue for your vacation rental platform.
  • An interesting and most significant money bringing instance is property verification fee. It helps you to list only the entrusted properties on your website and also gain income for verifying properties.
  • Gain the traveler service fee from the world tourists for helping them to get the perfect accommodation in the foreign lands.
    Each time, the traveler books a property for accommodation, you can collect an absolute money from the property owner as a host service fee.
  • The ad-banner and ad-captcha are two more additional money earning facilities that help the entrepreneurs get more money with ease.

Keep in mind that merely incorporating the revenue options or facilities will not bring in more business and profitability to you. Here are yet some more influencing facets that help in bringing more assured business along with the more income flow.

Features Influenced for Increasing the Income Flow

When speaking about the inducing factors that help in driving more income flow, there are many such facilities. Our developers also considered from this perspective and crafted as many facilities as possible, which support in gaining more income to your vacation rental business.

Welcoming the User at Their Comfort zone

The highly responsive vacation rental websites are the most success hitting platforms. To receive more traffic and more business, we made your travel booking site in a more responsive manner. So that both the travelers and hosts can access the website on any portable devices. This flexibility gives assurance in getting solid business.
You can have an upper hand in this industry, as we are implementing the versatile signing in options and allowing users to get into the website comfortably.

Marketing Aspects

Marketing is also one of such triggering factor that directly helps in gain more revenue to your business. We have implemented all social media amenities which helps in promoting the business towards the target audience with ease.

Bring in Trustworthy Users & Reliable Property

When trustworthy is considered, both the side should be satisfied. The travelers and host need to feel comfortable and reliable in meeting each other. Listing out reliable property increases travelers’ traffic to the website. Checking out whether the travelers’ are authenticated one is also important. These two sides help in building trust about the website which in turn reflects in the business success.

High-End Customization

Meeting the exact need of the travelers and hosts helps in retaining them in the website. Gratifying starts from the easy sign in option till the customized payment gateway method. Everything should be designed in such a manner that the users feel comfortable in accessing the website. This script is basically created for gratifying the users’ need at the most.

To Conclude

Gone are the days where the world travelers find it difficult to get an accommodation while traveling. Give the world travelers an interesting lodging option by creating an exclusive online platform with the plenty of revenue making facilities immediately. Our vacation rental script meets all your demand immensely.