The world in which we live around is always willing to accept new trends. It is not a standalone feature restricted to one particular thing. Then how can website designing and development stands behind? Customers accept a custom web development company for the trend-setting work they offer as output. There are many concepts in web designing & development that allow these companies to produce good output. Here we can discuss about some of such concepts that are used to design&develop websites in the present time, and in the coming years, as well.

Elegant UI patterns

Innovation is a term which is commonly connected with UI patterns. Responsive web designs, and WordPress websites have been blamed for the recurring of similar kind of patterns. There are some superb UI patterns that are well-equipped to offer customers some nice experience. The hamburger Menu, Account registration, Long Scroll, Card based designs, and Hero images are some of the most prominent UI patterns used in the present era to produce highly valuable websites. Among these card based designs are mostly spoken these days.

Pleasing Animations

Without using any high sounding words, we can easily explain the role of animations in a website design. Superior animations can smoothly convey the story of a website easily to users. Animations can be divided into different types such as large scale, small scale, loading, scrolling, non-scrolling, hover, motion, and even in the form of background videos. Animations in a website can be linked in multiple ways with the inclusion of navigation as well as another controls.

It gives users a smooth viewing experience. At times it becomes extremely useful for developers while constructing e-commerce websites. For instance, different side-images of single product can be produced before users without much effort by using the types of animations mentioned above.


Micro- interactions happens to be an essential part of any applications. This concept serves multiple purposes such as the indication of a status or feedbacks to the customers, and it also helps users in the dealing of some particular activities in a website. It is advisable to create these micro- interactions in website as natural as possible. Every user should come to use these micro-interactions in quite a usual way. This concept is very useful for all modern websites to communicate certain pin-point ideas to users.

Material Designs

Flat web designs have captured so much attention of web designers these days, and the material design is a trend initiated by Google against the flat designs. Most important aspect of a material design is that it does not base itself to an individual framework. Thus web developers get a chance to use a wide variety of tools while creating material designs. The use of cards plays a vital role in development of material designs. Anyway this concept is getting more acceptance these days, for it sets something different against the usual flat designs.


An article which showcases the highlights of web-designing trends used in 2015&16 will sound incomplete, if we forget to mention about responsive web designing and flat web designing. Echoes of both these terms are heard in our ears from last couple of years. Responsive as a play of HTML 5, and CSS has gained so much importance with the launch of devices having varied screen-sizes.

Flat designs having easy topography, vibrant colours, and aggressive minimalism are still popular these days. Hence a custom web development company gets immense chances to deliver high-quality websites to clients with the coming up of these innovative web designing trends in 2015&2016.