Have you heard of “Google Dance”? It is mainly for those who are concerned about their rankings on Google, as it refreshes the content for better SEO. It is an interesting theme that happens once in a month, that is, Google updates its entire index of web sites on a regular, ongoing, constant basis. Usually it’s done from about 20th to 28th of every month. Google exploits 9 data centers that will provide different results until the Google dance update completes its recalculations. Once the dance has been completed, the search engine results will show new listings and changes in ranking position.

What really happens is, Google sends out spiders to crawl the Internet, it begins to go through each individual site and updates the content on to Google.com. During the dance, SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) can fluctuate and websites often see a surprising rise or fall in rankings before returning back to normal. So people are known to get a little nervous or both if their site disappears from the index or slips in ranking.

As a result of updating process, old indexes do not simply yield to new indexes, but there is quite random movement in transition. It takes a couple of days for Google to complete its update. Especially during this period, both old and new indexes get their place on www.google.com, although alternatively or even in unpredictable ways before new indexes stabilize there for all to see.

There are many data centers that Google uses to spider across the world. Each center has a specific region it covers and all the information is gathered in aggregate and returned back to Google.com. It has 3 main WWW servers online, which are as follows:

WWW.google.com – main address, the true homepage of Google.

Other two servers are WWW2.google.com &WWW3.google.com which have been primarily instrumental in providing some answer to webmasters who are a little tentative with their future rankings.

When the mass update begins, the number of results on the three servers will be different for a while. Thus the results vary from server to server, they are said to be “dancing”, hence the name “Google Dance”.

Google Dance takes place every month and usually close to the end of the month. In order to know when the Google search engine spiders the pages of the web, there are various Google Dance tools available. You greatly benefit from this as it assists you to know when your site will rank in Google.

During the Dance, the Google spider will revisit every website, figure out how many sites link to it, and how valuable these links are. As Google is constantly crawling and updating the selected pages, their search results will vary slightly over the course of month. You can make sure all your web page does not go down for maintenance during Google’s Dancing period. It is just a right chance to make a better shot by fully optimizing your web sites, and to beat your competitors.