2009 has been an incredible year for Ahsan Technologies – the parent company of Agriya. Since it took over in April, we have moved to a brand new office, had a company sports day, had a company outing to a big farmhouse near the sea, launched no less than four awesome products in iSocial, Rayzz Video Sharing, Volume and Discuzz, continued our relationship with Fortune 100 companies and acquired some massive global companies as customers because of our Rayzz software.

With so many achievements and milestones (like selling thousands of copies of our software) we had good cause to celebrate on the 31st December.


The main speaker for the event was me (pictured left, and wow, top of my News Resolutions is to lose some weight!), largely because no one else wanted to get up and speak infront of 200 people but also because we decided that someone else should do the speaking apart from our Vice President of Marketing and HR Manager!

I basically recapped some of our milestones and achievements for 2009, such as the launch of Volume which has gone on to be our fastest selling product of all time thanks to its reliable framework and awesome design.


We then had people come up and talk about their teams, the team leader for Kootali explained how it went from an abandoned client project to one of our most popular products today. A team leader from the services team waxed lyrical about how well our service projects are going and how 96% of our projects are completed on budget and meet the deadlines set by clients (which have become tighter because of the economic problems).

Then some of the Freshers we took on just over a year ago got up to speak – which is quite a daunting task when there are 200 people watching you – about their personal growth and what they have achieved in the last 12 months. Some have even gone on to be team leaders in such a short period of time!

Other freshers did some performances which included a hilarious comedy sketch (if you can speak Tamil!), dancing and singing. Check the YouTube video of the comedy sketch below but don’t worry if you can’t understand Tamil…neither can I and I live here!


The afternoon of speeches were rounded off by our Business Development Team, although not all of them were too keen to get up and speak (don’t worry, Rommel, I won’t mention your name!). If you can understand Tamil, the video will be posted below once it’s uploaded :)

Then there was the cake cutting, but fortunately this time the Indian, err, tradition of smearing cake icing on people’s faces was forgone! For some reason it always seems to be me with cake smeared on my face no matter whose birthday it is!


The evening was closed by the prize draw of our Twitter competition. We drew five lucky winners out of the hat live on camera. The winners were able to choose any one of our products and get a free logo and installation as part of the prize! Do make sure you follow @agriyanews to find out about future competitions and cool prizes! The prize draw video is posted here if you want to see it for yourself.

So that concluded 2009, I’ll finish with some photos that highlight some of the great things we’ve achieved at Ahsan in the past year.


We got brand new offices and now have three floors of development


However, the jury is still out on who made the decision to make the offices neon green!


We had a great day at the company sports event – the ladies decided to create floral designs instead of exerting themselves though!


The ladies looked stunning in their sarees on our Traditional Indian Dress day


And the guys looked super dapper in their South Indian dhoti’s


The inauguration function of the new company was a massive success


The guys all got in to the “Hawaii” spirit for the inauguration function!


We launched Volume, iSocial and Discuzz in 2009, Volume has gone on to be our fastest ever seller!


The iSocial video was a lot of fun to make and can be viewed here


And finally we rounded out the year with our New Years Eve tea party!

If you are an Ahsan, share some of your experiences of 2009 in the comments below!

For everyone else, don’t forget to keep up to date with what we’re doing by following our twitter updates (@agriyanews) and becoming a fan of Agriya on Facebook (there are loads of other photos on Facebook as well, go and check them out!).