Sitelinks are extra links that are shown below Google search results and which lead to specific pages deeper within a site. Until now, Google offered sitelinks only on the first search results. They extended this feature to all search results. Up to four sitelinks will be shown in a single row above the page URL.

Google implements a completely automated process to select pages to appear as sitelinks. The process considers several factors, and analyzes the structure and content of sites to select pages that offer relevant information for the user’s query. Since sitelinks are assigned based on several factors, not all websites in search results have them.

Sitelinks give users an overview of a website’s content and help them jump directly to desired page of the website. This is often useful for large, complex websites.

Here are simple tips that will help you to have sitelinks for your site.
• Provide a sitemap with clear navigation hierarchy for your site.
• Provide relevant titles and Meta descriptions to each site page.
• Offer useful outbound links.
• Build SEO friendly links i.e. inbound links for every page and links back to previous page.

Google analyzes the link structure of your site and offers sitelinks only when they think that links will be useful for users’ queries. Webmasters can see sitelinks that are created for their site, and control the display of sitelinks in search results.

In order to block a sitelink, open the Webmaster tools dashboard and click the site in which you want to block sitelink. Under the Links, select the Sitelinks. If the selected site has sitelinks information, the sitelinks will be displayed. To remove a sitelink, click the Block next to the sitelink and provide the reason for removing it.

You can also unblock the blocked content. If you block or unblock a sitelink, it will take some time to come into effect. The blocked sitelink won’t appear in the Google search results for 90 days. You can extend this period every time you visit the sitelinks page on the Webmaster Tools.