The crowdfunding platform grows tremendously in recent years, in that, the equity-based fundraising plays an incredible role in this industry. By considering the crowdsourcing success and mounting trend, Agriya involved its valuable talent professionals and bring out an interesting off the shelf equity crowdfunding software to the online world.

In this post, let us get the best understanding of Agriya’s crowdfunding equity product in a detailed manner.

A Quick Startup

The crowdfunding equity from Agriya is the best possible solution for the entrepreneurs in bringing their own existence in the fundraising industry quickly. With the optimum cost at hand, our script will effectively make your customized online crowdsourcing platform for equity within the time period of 2 weeks.

Set Up an Absolute Platform

The SEIS Act and Jobs act are the most significant laws to be followed for the successful running of an authentic equity-based fundraising business in the international market. We do develop our crowdfunding equity script based on these laws. Along these lines, this script is incorporated with versatile payment gateway system, social media facilities, google analytics and much more.

In short, our script is helpful in creating a highly personalized equity-based fundraising platform.

Crafts Feature Rich Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Equity fundraising is very much typical and risky one to manage and operate. For the effective functioning of the equity fundraising business model, it requires an exclusive set of facilities. Our script is crafted with 60+ amazing features that do wonders and helps in proper functioning of the equity-based fundraising website.

Assure Ability to Customize

Our script is highly customizable to any specific business needs. It has the comprehensive plugin options that add or remove any modules and facilities to shape the equity-based fundraising website absolutely. Apart from the front-end customization, this script is user-friendly for the entrepreneurs to conveniently access the site back-end with ease. Starting from the login facility till the payment options everything the entrepreneurs can get in the customized manner.

Attain Success at a Quicker Pace

As this script is readily available which help out the entrepreneurs to enter into this flourishing fundraising business as soon as possible. This absolute head start gives them the competitive advantage among the rivals. The feature rich, advanced technology usage, and excellent user experience bring in a massive success at the beginning stage of the website launch.

Final Words

As a whole, our script is a user-friendly readymade solution that can build your own equity-based fundraising business in a cost-effective manner. Take advantage of the trendsetting equity-based fundraising platform and flourish well in a shorter period of time.