Clickbank has risen from obscurity to market domination in the digital info products industry where you can buy anything from cat training manuals to advice on how to cure compulsive hair pulling disorders. These info products are sold by some of the best Internet marketers and affiliates in the business and make revenues ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars every year. Clickbank for its part takes a 7% fee on every transaction as well as charging people $50 to be able to sell their digital info product through the Clickbank platform.

To date, Clickbank claim to have processed over $2bn worth of transactions since they began which is not bad considering all they need to do is process the credit card payments and run a skeleton staff.

Numerous people have been in touch with us over the years and asked for a Clickbank clone script and we’re pleased to say that the project has moved from voting to funding in our Agriya Ideas portal. With a budget of $10,500 investors have already pledged $3,000 so it’s well on its way to being fully funded.

If you want to build a turnkey website that processes payments for digital marketers (or anyone looking to sell actually) with full affiliate management then this is a project you need to be involved with right now. For just $750, which is much less than the script will eventually sell for, you can get a ground floor position to help direct the project, suggest features and ensure that the final product is the best piece of software available on the market.

Furthermore, Agriya rewards all investors with a profit share program so that based on the number of sales you will earn up to 200% of your money back. If you pledge $750 now, in 6 months you could be running your successful website and earned $1,500 back from Agriya if the sales of the product have been strong.

There are other advantages to pledging your money too because you’ll get to use the early beta releases of the software which means you can establish your website long before any competitors come along and ensure that the features you want are included for no extra cost – assuming you can convince the other investors of course.

$750 is the minimum amount you need to pledge but there is no upper limit, infact if you want to fund the remaining amount because you believe in the project so much then you are free to do so.

Getting a project like this Clickbank clone developed by yourself would cost in the region of $20,000 if you were to get it done properly by a company experienced in developing secure and scalable e-Commerce platforms. Using the power of crowdsourceing you don’t need to pay anywhere near that amount, infact, you have the opportunity to get all your money back and then some.

Agriya Ideas has already funded a large number of projects and investors are already earning back their money every day thanks to Agriya’s marketing machine which ensures that everyone knows about our products. Successful past projects include GrubWithUs clone, Etsy clone, Airbnb clone and our soon to be released Freelancer clone and Thumbtack clone.

If you’ve got any questions or thoughts about this opportunity or want to know how you can get involved, leave a comment below and we’ll try and answer all your questions. Click here to pledge money now.