Recent online markets had an explosion of concepts, they were known for establishing various paths of success. One of them erupted to be a revolutionary online concept. It was the creative and vibrant design contest industry. Lets us see scope, need and various factors of it.

Why Online Markets Needs Design Contest Industry?

Online markets are flooded with freelancers. Some of the freelancers are coders, designers, content writers, SEO specialist, SMO Specialist, SEM specialist, windows specialist, Linux specialist, Mobile application developers, WordPress freelancers, etc.

Designing is a very big field, it constitutes about 20-40% of freelancing jobs. A user used to get confused whom to appoint and whom to trust for the project. Hence the concept of the design contest evolved. It is a specific freelancer industry fused with the element of contests.

The Creative Curve Of Design Contest Industry

Designers from all over the world were having less number of projects and their portfolio was bounded by serving their country based websites. They also had payment issues with their clients thus they wanted to step into online freelancing markets

Organizations all over the world were getting monotonous designs for their various projects. They were getting less designs for each project. With the help of the design contest industry, organization host design contest, various designers from all parts of the world take part in these contests. They experiment their creativity and fuse it with simplicity to it and submit their designs. The contest holder selects a design and that designer is awarded with the prize money.

Designers get a global reach and they get higher volumes of projects, while organizations get dynamic andmultiple designs for their projects at an economical cost. It creates a win-win situation for everybody.

Scope Of Design Contest In Various Industries

The design contest industry successfully caters many other industries from eCommerce to engineering, it covers all the verticals. Every industry needs designs for packing, product cover, newsletters, marketing and promotion activities, logo, flyer, web page, icons, infographics, banners, business cards, Company letter head , etc. They have various design projects and they also require a higher volume of design collections. The design contest industry will be very helpful to them and it will widen its scope every day.

Success Of Various Design Contest Websites

The pioneer of design contest market 99designs has claimed that it has awarded 1 million dollars in a month. There are over 1500 open contests and they have hosted about two hundred thousand contest till date .They have been featured in the New York times, Wall street journal, TechCrunch and Forbes.

Another famous design contest website has about 8 other websites in their name. Collectively it has earned about 7 million dollars till date and gets around 102 ideas per project. It has around a one hundred thousand designers. They have been featured in Yahoo, TechCrunch, Mashable and TNW.

Agriya Steps into The Design Contest Industry

Following our client’s ideas and suggestions, Agriya has stepped into the design contest market and established its foot-mark. The design contest industry will be amazed to see this magnificent approach taken by us.