Amazon, the biggest online retailer has outgrown every similar business in its niche with a profound grasp on market and by researching and integrating the best of today’s technologies. They have always excelled in their new business ventures as they spent a considerable amount of time on learning the user-behaviour and market demands. Recently, they have decided to take a step closer to mobile e-commerce as they integrated m-commerce with their e-commerce business. Experts consider this as a very serious move with a big play in mind, especially when a 53.9 % of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce by 2021. Besides, back in 2017 global mobile retail revenue amounted to 1.36 billion U.S. dollars, which is expected to cross the 3.56 billion mark by 2021. This document shares valuable insights on how important m-commerce is for your business and what impact it can create on your business growth.

M-commerce- Scope and Future

Earlier, there were no separations between e-commerce and m-commerce. M-commerce was known to be a part of E-commerce but, due to the rapid increase in the number of mobile users, there comes a time when we should consider and treat those separately. When we examine the past 5 years, E-commerce has experienced a phenomenal growth. The penetration of internet has paved the way for this growth. Now, the things have changed. According to January 2018 data, there is a total of 3.7 billion unique mobile users as for now. In fact, mobile users are responsible for almost 50% of web page views worldwide. However, the number of smartphone users worldwide is projected to reach 2.87 billion by 2020, which shows how scopeful and crucial M-commerce is in future.

Why Should you Integrate M-commerce with your business?

The prominence in the number of mobile users is the reason behind the buzz. The convenience and flexibility mobile devices provide is remarkable. Any necessity to shop can be satisfied by mobile devices instead of a laptop or any other advanced devices. Moreover, it’s not just about the convenience but 24X7 accessibility.

Keeping Customers Happy and Informed

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy ~ Michael LeBoeuf, Business Author. M-commerce is basically purchasing something through phone and the best thing about m-commerce is the customer satisfaction associated with every purchase. Unlike e-commerce, m-commerce allows people to make and follow through on a decision to purchase something despite the place or time. Post-purchase, users are allowed to track the order with the help of GPS. Moreover, they will receive timely notifications, which is automated and so you will possibly cut down the human resource costs as well. All these will ultimately lead to a higher customer satisfaction because the customer knows exactly how, where and when their order will be delivered.

Should be Implemented Right from the Beginning

Unlike old times, online consumers are much concerned about convenience and ease than anything else. Especially in Indian and China m-commerce has experienced a prominent rise as it secured a total of 70% sales in 2017. Also, since more content discovery and consumption is occurring in mobile apps, it is necessary to give prior importance to m-commerce and should be treated as an integral part of product roadmap right from the beginning.

In this time of great opportunities, it isn’t that hard to find an iOS or Android App Development Services. Introducing m-commerce into your business is not something you should consider doing in future but now. It is a risk worth taking.

Great Business value and Growth

E-commerce has influenced every business since its origin. Any business which has the passion and drives to excel should ensure their digital presence. Out of 7 billion population, 3.58 billion are internet users, that means more than half of the world population. In fact, 52.64% of global online traffic is the contribution of mobile users.This rapid growth of mobile internet usage alarms many futuristic business entrepreneurs to invest in m-commerce.

Implementing both E-commerce as well as m-commerce can drive more value to your business. This is more like expanding your customer base by accommodating both desktop users as well as the mobile users. Moreover, this will give you an opportunity to learn how the mobile commerce works and what do your customers need.

Diminishing Customer Loyalty without Mobile Apps

Many E-commerce biggies have already deployed their m-commerce platforms. They have analyzed and find out the potential of m-commerce business. In fact, a survey reveals that 66% companies saw a decline in customer loyalty for not having a mobile app. So, integrating m-commerce with your already existing e-commerce is a logical idea, also, shifting to m-commerce entirely is not a bad approach as well.

Where are we at? Where do we go from here?

Numerous renowned, well-capitalized businesses have already set their foot in m-commerce. Many are taking necessary steps to make their debut as well. However, even if the mobile shopping is growing fastly, it hasn’t exceeded the desktop so far. Moreover, mobile is still prominent in browsing and exploring rather than shopping. This isn’t because of customers preference but the inefficiency and convenience of the interface. The usability and workflow of your platform should be easy. It should be simple and navigable to everyone, and if it’s not, you are already losing the business to those who have already adapted to the m-commerce.

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The future of m-commerce is so clear and bright as it surpasses E-commerce in terms of annual sales growth. The growth of retail sales via mobile commerce was way bigger (46.8%) than E-commerce (15.7%) and is predicted to rise rapidly as it progresses. Moreover, the figures on conversion rate can change your perception towards m-commerce. The data have shown that, in the year of 2015 alone, mobile apps had conversion rates 20% higher than desktop, it drive 2 times more traffic as well. So, what more do you want? Integrate m-commerce with your business now, take a ride into the future.