Companies are gradually making a positive opinion of freelance economy, especially the creative industries. Creative industries have been a way ahead and are now overlooking the hiring of in-house employees and other firms when it comes to outsourcing their work. The growing trend can be attributed to many reasons.

These days, even the well-experienced employees are taking up freelance jobs, hence, the fear of scarcity of talented freelancers will not arise. Such experienced freelancers can bring value to the work assigned to them by the creative industry employers.

Take the case of industries that are in need of workers in the areas of motion graphic designing, writing, journalism, photography, etc. They are now more inclined to hiring freelancers for these roles. This new trend and demand for freelancers stems from the advantages that employers feel they obtain

Factors that encourage creative industries hire freelancers

Lesser costs

The creative industries can cut their costs by hiring freelancers. They neither have to hire an in-house employee nor outsource their work to some other company. Hiring in-house employees need investment on the infrastructure that has to be provided to the employees. Even the outsourcing companies charge big as they too have to invest on their employees. Hence, hiring freelancers can help reduce costs.

Direct chain of communication

Direct communication can be established with the freelancer as against the long chain of communication that is usually in place when an agency or an outsourcing company is hired. Say, when you want some changes to be made in the work of a designer. As there is no other authority between you and your freelancer, you can request for the required changes and enhancements and get it done.

Speedy task completion

Generally, freelancers take up their jobs seriously, as they are in constant touch with the employer. Since they also have a continuous flow work from other employers as well, they ensure they finish the task on a timely basis. Also, after establishing a personal rapport with the employer, they are self-motivated to meet the deadlines. Apart from that, the absence of institutional hierarchical roles,  is also one reason for quick completion of work.

Freelancers give better performance and are more Innovative

The freelancers who work for creative industries have a strong commitment for delivering good performance. This way, they believe, helps them to create a personal brand. When such a commitment to delivering their best is there from the freelancers side, they get more clients and more jobs.

Alongside, on their registered freelance website profile, they get feedback, ratings from their employers. The ratings are displayed to all other employers, who then make their own judgement and then decide to hire or not to hire a particular freelancer. This is yet another important factor that motivates the freelancer to improvise the performance.

Access to freelancers during odd hours is possible

Each and every freelancer shows a higher level of dedication when it comes to their task. This can be attributed to their desire of building a brand for themselves. So, their accessibility and consultation are easily possible. Consulting a freelancer during odd hours, weekends, during special days is possible.


There is a growing tribe of proud freelancers who can be hired using freelance marketplace websites. These websites have been making the task of freelancers and employers easier by connecting each other. The demand for high-quality freelance bidding script, which creates a freelancer like website, holds testimony to the keenness shown by entrepreneurs to make it their business venture.