Is a site map necessary for a website? Yes of course. If a website has hundreds of pages, it can get rather chaotic in a navigation bar. Apart from this, both human browsers and search engine spiders need an easy access to find all the pages within a site. Therefore a sitemap is very essential. It gives them a simple navigational tool.

Lack of a sitemap may be the reason why your site hasn’t been completely indexed. If you are using many pages, some search engines have a difficulty in indexing them. So a site map makes it easier for a search engine spider to find and index every page on your site. It will surely improve the search engine optimization of your site.

So, what is a site map? Site map is a textually organized model for a website content that allows the users to go to the website to find what they require. It doesn’t need to include all of your web pages but should include all the site structures.

With a little effort, you can create a Sitemap for your site. Here comes some important guidelines for enhancing the sitemap.

Provide a sitemap to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. This assists the visitors who are using a sitemap as a quick and easy means to find the information.

Provide short description about your products and services at the top of your site map page. This can be a nice introduction about your services for someone who has landed on this page directly from a search engine or else where.

Use layout for your sitemap page as it will provide a clear visual structure for your website.

Make sure that your sitemap is updated frequently. As your website grows, you must update your Sitemap. It helps your visitors know that a new content is being added to your website. If you are selling products or offering services, this is one of the greatest ways for the users to know your latest products or services by visiting your Sitemap.

Without a Sitemap, your visitors may even leave your site, going back to the search engine pages, to look for information that may be in your website. So create an effective site map even if you have a website with few pages and thus grab more visitors.