It staggered the world when the tech giant Google announced official support for Kotlin on Android as a “first class” language. Kotlin, a well familiar programming language originally developed by JetBrains is much similar to Java, it works on JVM (Java virtual machine). Even though there are many other JVM languages which can be utilized for Android development, Kotlin’s interoperability with Java makes it the best choice for developers. In fact, it is similar to Java in many aspects. It is object-oriented, statically typed and overcomes almost all the issues concerned with Java. Besides, it comprises several inventive attributes, enhancements when comparing to other similar languages, it includes concepts from functional programming as well. However, this tie-up with world’s biggest tech business is certainly a big boost for Kotlin. JetBrains will continue upgrading Kotlin and with the partnership with Google, they might be able to take it to the next level and many further. Here in this document, we discuss the distinctive features of Kotlin that catalysts Google’s idea of partnering with them.

How Kotlin Outruns all Other Similar Languages? What makes it exceptional?

JetBrains, the brain behind Kotlin already collaborated before in other occasions. Especially, as they developed IntelliJ, the core of Android studio. But, there are several other factors that influenced Google’s decision to partner with them. We will look into the technical aspects of the subject.

Cleaner Syntax- Combined the Best from Functional and Procedural Programming

Kotlin is a clean slate in many ways. The clean and intuitive syntax is one of the most admirable things. In fact, it is little similar to Swift. When comparing with Java, with all those useful attributes, Kotlin is known for its simplicity and precision. Moreover, it adopts the best, suitable concepts from functional as well as procedural programming. Every programming paradigms have its own limitations and strengths, when there is no shortage of scenarios in functional programming, procedural programming has its own unique merits. Kotlin’s approach of utilizing the best from both programming paradigms help them deliver the best out of Android application development processes.

Incredible Java Compatibility

Interoperability with Java is one of the crucial factors that make Kotlin the first class language in Android.  JetBrains makes it 100% sure that it runs on JVM, in fact, it is developed as a JVM programming language, which facilitates Android App developers to use many Java libraries while writing the codes in Kotlin. Moreover, it let them produce Java code from Kotlin by using the converters. Because of its great compatibility with Java, Kotlin can be used to update and improve enterprise-level solutions which have a great number of codebases written in Java.

Substantial IDE Support

Frail IDEs are ineligible as it causes limitations to programming languages. This is often notable with cloud platforms. When it comes to Kotlin, its IDE has all-around support from Android Studio. In fact, Kotlin was developed by popular IDE vendors who had a clear-cut idea of what it takes it build an efficient IDE and how important it is in the process of development.

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Minimized Errors and Bugs in the Code

The Kotlin compiler works based on a fail-fast system. It notifies the interface if there is any probability of failure. It refuses to keep going if any error hits, the system does not support continuing a flawed process. This helps to find the bugs and errors soon as possible, the compiler performs frequent checks and thus avoid run-time errors. Moreover, it substantial depletes the cost and efforts of development.

Easy Learning Curve

Kotlin is more like an improvement to Java. The expertise and knowledge you have earned from your previous job,  by being a Java developer can be incredibly useful. The easy and gentle learning curve allows Java developers to easily grasp and apply the concepts to Kotlin effectively. In fact, most of the syntaxes in Kotlin are so much similar to Java. Anyhow, Kotlin has a broader community range, which contains developers from all over the globe. This dedicated community plays a crucial role in Kotlin evolution and continues to contribute more in future.


Nowadays, Kotlin has grabbed some serious attention, especially among Android developers. Renowned web and mobile platforms such as Basecamp has adopted Kotlin as an efficient alternative for other similar languages. With ease, simplicity and utmost precision and consistent performance, Kotlin will soon surpass all its competitors.  And most importantly, with a partnership with Google, Kotlin will further undergo upgrades, that will also bring value to modern-day mobile app development processes.Android-App-Development_ Credit Image