Overview of Laravel

Laravel is a free PHP web application framework used in the development of web applications.This open-source framework follows model-view-controller architectural pattern. Its ease of use, modular packaging system and elegance have taken the PHP Community by storm. Many developers have already turned to offering Laravel development services due to its high readability and rich-features. One important aspect of using Laravel is that the developers will not find the problem of spaghetti coding and are offered a trouble-free syntax. Lets analyze the features, benefits and future of Laravel, to conclude why it is best PHP framework.

Features of Laravel

Numerous features offer a pleasant experience to the Laravel developers, besides making PHP code look beautiful. Here, let us discuss some of the features in Laravel, which make it the most famous of all PHP frameworks.

Routing system: Laravel comes with an easy-to-use approach to routing. The route can be triggered on the application with good flexibility and control. To match the URI, a directory is created.
View composers: View composers are called when a view is rendered. They are callbacks or call methods. This feature helps to organize code into one location. It functions like “presenters” or “view models”.
Application logic: In any application this can be implemented using controllers. It can also be implemented directly into route declarations with the use of syntax.
Unit-testing: It assists in running numerous tests, thereby ensuring that new changes will not break anything. Unit-tests for own code can also be easily written. It helps to prevent regressions in the framework.
Database seeding: It is an automated process. Database tables can be seeded with default data which can be utilized for application testing or for initial application set up.

In addition to the above features, some other major features include bundles, eloquent ORM, query builder, restful controllers, migrations, class auto loading, automatic pagination and a host of others.

Laravel – Why is it the best Framework for PHP

Among st the many frameworks, Laravel is the most famous as it helps to develop a website using a simple and a clean code in a short time. This web application framework has elegant and expressive syntax. Tasks in the web projects such as authentication, routing, sessions, queuing and catching are made easier.

Agriya, reputed Laravel development company, has turned to using Laravel because of its templates with a simple web page layout. When compared with other frameworks like code Igniter, Laravel has detailed stack trace. Authorization library, widgets with assets like CSS and JS also form part of this futuristic framework. Libraries and models can be used easily because of the fact that Laravel has Object Oriented Libraries supported with auto complete feature.

Benefits of using Laravel for PHP

  • Modular package systems help in saving a lot of time
  • Customization and set-up process are very simple
  • Pre-enables tools help protect from xss attacks.
  • All the SQL codes will be kept in separate model files. This assists in maintaining and monitoring the code easily.

Future of Laravel

Having proved its dominance amongst the PHP frameworks, the future of Laravel is bright enough. Many more developers will switch over to Laravel in the coming future. Given the frameworks numerous features and benefits of using them, Laravel will no doubt continues to be a choice for developers.