When Microsoft has finally accomplished its acquisition of Xamarin, many views towards mobile application development has changed. Some say there is a big chance that professional developers will soon switch to Xamarin instead of Swift or Java. Are there any reasons to believe that these innovative cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and so-called Microsoft .NET will overbeat the main competitors very soon?

It is crucial to note that Microsoft is in love with C#, so their primary goal is to let every developer to take the best of the power of .NET on any existing device. It is possible to involve Xamarin in the work of development team which uses a C#-shared codebase. This platform is extremely useful for composing native Android, iOS, and Windows applications with native user interfaces. In other words, in case you prefer Xamarin in the process of development apps, you can count on:

– Higher reliability and flexibility.
– Native performance.

It’s amazing how this platform has handled such issues as the absence of a free license, lack of resources, poor support, and long learning curve. A great progress was noticed just in a couple of years. So, can we expect more opportunities for mobile application development?

As for today, Xamarin became more attractive as the problem with a free license was finally solved. Among other benefits, one can name:

1. Native applications.
2. Excellent Microsoft support.
3. Greater amount of resources for free.
4. Much shorter and simpler learning curve.
5. Lower overall cost. As far as organizations will not need to hire more iOS or Android mobile developers, their expenses will depend just on their .Net C# developers.

Sure thing, there are other novelties that prove a significant role of Xamarin in the life of an average developer.

Visual Studio Opportunities Added!

Xamarin was recently added to Visual Studio without any necessity to pay more.

This platform is available in each version of the program. This opportunity allows developing and publishing native apps for iOS and Android with C# or F# by applying Visual Studio directly. There are no restrictions regarding application’s original size.

For developers on the Mac, Xamarin Studio is now available as a benefit of your Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise subscription. Developers can use the newly-created Xamarin Studio Community Edition for free. To start working in such conditions, it is enough to download Xamarin Studio or Xamarin for Visual Studio today.

Microsoft Proves Its Passion for Open Source

Not long ago, the team has declared its intention to add open source the Xamarin SDKs for Android, iOS, and Mac under the MIT license. Users are promised native API bindings as well as the main command-line tools for successful development. In addition, it’s a good opportunity to get acquainted with Xamarin.Forms.

These decisions made it possible for .NET to become an open source and be native on each possible device, from smartphone to PC. It would be beneficial for any mobile application development company to dedicate some money to the process of creating outstanding software in C#.

How about Joining HockeyApp?

Xamarin Insights creates a range of benefits for mobile .NET developers. It assists in discovering and debugging stuff in the apps.

Xamarin Insights is about merging with so-called HockeyApp in order to expand user’s experience. It makes the platform even more user-friendly and highly responsive to the existing needs.

The platform’s users will be supported through contracts while the developers will go on integrating Xamarin Insights into their applications absolutely free of charge.

To sum up the advantages of joining Microsoft, it is important to mention revolutionary changes and increased technology capability. Today, C#-based developers can reach the same high performance and scalability that required on Native platforms. Add standard native UI and API to get the full picture.

8 Specific Reasons to Select Xamarin Option

When comparing Xamarin to all existing hybrid frameworks, it beats its competitors with this native feature.

We have covered only some promising features Microsoft intents to add very soon. Let’s have a look at the reasons for many developers to choose Xamarin out of other platforms. We have listed them briefly above, so here we go with the detailed explanations.

1. Native Experiences Are Always Wanted

Under native experiences, we usually mean access to native device hardware and OS characteristics. The hunger for native-like user experiences and performance dominates the industry. As a cross-platform solution, Xamarin makes it possible to code based on C#. This language can easily overcome Objective-C and Java paradigms.

As mentioned above, Xamarin possesses enough power to provide access to particular hardware and features of your OS. It all turns C# performance higher at native level.

2. True Cross-platform Features

Xamarin suggests that UI layer has to be underlined when sharing application logic. This layer should be stresses as input validation, calls for web services, interactions with databases, and back-end integration. Applying C# in Xamarin, developers can transfer two-thirds of code across multiple OS platforms.

3. Simple Collaboration and Sharing

Thanks to its rich component store, users can switch or exchange the available components with a couple of code-lines which allows sharing the data easily and fast. Those components include:

  • UI controls
  • Cross-platform libraries
  • Third party web services

4. Stands for Platform Originality

Unlike many competitors, Xamarin cover the unique characteristics of each existing platform instead of contradicting with it.
In addition, the platform involves iOS and Android-oriented .NET categories. It makes it possible to share core logic of programs within the rest of the popular platforms.

5. Availability of Developers

Once again, this advantage is related to the acquisition by Microsoft. The last one, as we know, has a great developer community thanks to its long history. Except for the fact there are enough developers to support any mobile application development company, studying C# became simpler and more speedy in contrast to other cross-platform scripts. More people receive a chance to become professional developers.

6. Fast Development

Another wonderful thing is that Xamarin guarantees fast application development with the shortest time frames.

Why? Well, there is no need to search for native coding, SDK, and development environment when having native expertise by your side. A user only has to code using C# and add some binding code for respective native packages. There is no necessity to duplicate or recall the process of coding, designing, and examining.

7. Cost-Effective Platform

If you don’t want to waste much money on mobile development, Xamarin is one of the best options. There is no necessity to invest in the development of native infrastructure, remember? In addition, don’t spend your cash on the individual team of native app developers. All you need is a single team of Xamarin developers working for your needs.

8. Seamless API Integration

API is something important when it comes to the 3rd party software. Binding different APIs is possible due to:

  • Xamarin.iOS for iOS APIs & UIs
  • Xamarin.Android for Android APIs & UIs
  • Xamarin.Mac for Mac APIs & UIs

Portable class libraries and suitable application architecture allow sharing codes as well. This feature once again guarantees perfect user experience by applying native access for a device.

Conclusion: It’s up to You to Decide!

In contrast to other hybrid application development frameworks, Xamarin prefers up-to-date development technologies of C# with original UI and API tools. It stands for the 100% satisfactory user experience as well as the rapid development process and lower costs.

If you have a desire to try different programming technologies, you may switch to Xamarin. Platform’s cooperation with Microsoft has created a lot of advantages and opportunities.

As for the rest of benefits, keep in mind Xamarin’s speedy communication available because of the most recently released communication channels (messengers, online chats, VOIP, and calls).

For your start, you may simply add Xamarin as another useful tool. There is no need to completely replace native development. You should decide based on your project and requirements. In any case, you will most probably stay happy after trying Xamarin.