If SaaS is the destined area of your business specialization or endeavor, then persistent support and service is the name of the game. In a business as formidable as SaaS, it’s absolutely necessary to hold one’s end up by rendering service responsibly.

Another aspect which holds paramount importance is to integrate your SaaS with meaningful and purposeful structure. The word “Structure” here accredits processes starting from the development of the website as per client’s requirement to hosting it in their desired server.

How to get started with the Right-fit framework?

The first and foremost challenge that awaits every SaaS-based undertaking is choosing the appropriate framework among multiple existing frameworks in real-time.

Of course, a SaaS framework is expected to tick several boxes, be it security or even simplicity. Ultimately, the framework you choose will always consolidate your success quotient among customers.

So, here we go. The list of deciding factors that one must foresee and bank on before choosing a framework for an application development.

  • Software Pattern, preferably MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.
  • Supreme Hosting facility.
  • Better Database Support.
  • Quality Documentation support.
  • Should serve the extension and up gradation purpose.
  • All-round customization options.

If your framework embraces all of the above-mentioned factors, then it’s pretty much half the job done.

The PHP part

It is well known that developers extensively employ PHP scripting language for the cause of development of websites and web applications. So how does the framework PHP become more prominent compared to the core PHP? well, there are many concrete reasons to justify why developers persist with PHP frameworks, rather than core PHP. Core PHP calls for the tedious and repetitious generation of codes from the scratch for every single progress in an application. Obviously, it’s time consuming, complex and therefore can be highly inconsistent. Developers may easily get carried away to integrate their own logic in the codes, thereby increasing the probability of errors which may well result in lower returns.  

Role of frameworks

Framework PHP, on the other hand, offers a great level of consistency, credibility, and most important of all it conserves valuable time. It simply removes monotonous coding procedure out of the equation. The developers may thrive on the advantage of not having to come up with the same code over and over again. It also caters to all sort of extensions and improvisations of an application with great ease.

Slim Framework, the ultimate solution

Slim Framework” is a micro PHP framework which certainly does cover every essential aspect almost comprehensively, as listed and discussed before such as Hosting facility, Database support, Documentation support, Extension and up-gradation, customization, and also MVC.  It’s widely recognized by many and also highly preferred among developers simply because of the following reasons.

  • Effective and calculated HTTP Caching to achieve enhanced performance.
  • Heightened scalability.
  • Enables creating and retrieving cookies for security concerns.
  • The essence of compatibility it brings in for middleware.
  • Offers many dynamic routing methodologies for originating search engine optimized URLs.
  • Facilitates one to build up better application directory structure.
  • Numerous response formats.
  • Adds only minimal weight on the server thus validating impressive and increased performance.
  • Supports hooking which assures proper execution of codes.

Agriya’s Slim Framework Development Services

With a team of trained and seasoned PHP framework developers, Agriya has been offering excellent slim framework development service for a very long time. We formulate slim framework powered applications and website without negating every single distinct specialty of it. Another crucial aspect that we prioritize is the handling of external tools, that a particular progress requires.

Here is where you can find out, how we go about our Slim Framework Development Services.