Online food ordering and delivery has become a norm for the modern-day restaurant business. We have recently seen a massive trend of adopting the online software system. The convenience and easiness it brings to people’s lives are huge. It makes great differences in terms of money, credibility and customer satisfaction. Moreover, businesses like Swiggy,  just eat, Zomato etc has made a fortune out of this online food ordering system. As long as  it aids both food businesses and delivery partners equally, there is no confusion regarding the future possibilities of an online food ordering software

Global Market For Food Delivery- Current Status

Global possibilities for online food ordering and delivery businesses are infinite. It has already been established across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. A much-awaited solution for the inconvenience and inflexibility in the conventional food business has transformed the whole industry and has emerged eventually into an individual market. Today, the global food delivery business accounts for €83 billion, which is 1% of the global food market and 4 percent of food sold through restaurants and fast-food chains.  And it is expected to grow at a growth rate estimated at 3.5 % for the next five years.

Why is it Important to have an efficient Mobile Food Ordering Solution?

The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to exceed 5 Billion by next year. Out of this, approximately 61.2% accessed the internet from their phones this year. In fact, global mobile phone users accounted for 49.7% of web page views as for now. All these reveal the future potential of mobile application, the importance of employing an excellent mobile food ordering solution.

Ever Improving Customer Experience

The area where you can see a visible difference when you employ mobile food ordering s app is customer experience. Accurate delivery along with quality food can accelerate your customer satisfaction. By using a mobile app, users can conveniently choose their favorite dishes and order it quickly. Moreover, the fully-automated mobile food ordering will minimize human errors. It improves order accuracy and guest satisfaction as well.

Subway and Starbucks are the perfect examples of improved customer experience. They employed a mobile ordering system with their food business and the results were inspiring. They have witnessed a minimized wait time, shorter line, quicker delivery and improved efficiency. In 2017 mobile ordering accounted for 20% of the Starbucks transactions in the US.

Mobile App + Loyalty program- Better Results

The adoption rate of the conventional loyalty program is about 12%. When it combined with mobile payments, it becomes 18-28%. Further, when tried alongside  Mobile food ordering and payments, it went ups to 15-35%.

So, it is clear that the in-app loyalty programs are more effective. The proven examples of  Pinkberry and Earl of sandwich confirms the claim.

Enhanced Exposure, Visibility and Business Reach

One of the crucial benefits that you may get from integrating mobile apps is the increased visibility. By taking advantage of social media integration, one can widen his/her’s customer base. Moreover, it will help improve the customer-engagement as well.

By employing an efficient online food ordering software and further by adopting the best marketing strategies, you can grab the attention of many potential customers and thus you can expand your business range.

Increased App downloads and sales

The best thing about including a mobile app as part of your business strategy is the constant possibility of getting new users. If you are done with the development and have done the marketing part well then you always have hope.

The problem with listing in outsourced delivery platforms is that users may miss yours in the midst of all other similar businesses. An independent food ordering and delivery application is the answer to the sustained business performance. If you could manage to resist customers from removing your app from their phone by fulfilling their demands, you have a great chance of being successful.

Employ Agriya’s  Full-scale Clone Scripts to Build a Personalized Food Ordering and Delivery Platform

The facts, figures, and possibilities have shown the bright future of a mobile food ordering system. But the challenges still remain. The development time, cost and resources required are far beyond your budget isn’t? Moreover, it includes inevitable risks too. Agriya came up with two incredible scripts such as just eat clone and Foodpanda clone, to support the entry-level businesses. They can easily set up an online food ordering portal by employing these software scripts.

There are numerous inventive features included in these ready-made clone scripts.  It offers an efficient, well-organized UI for the users to complete their desired tasks. Whereas admin or business owners can monitor and manage the ongoing processes, they can efficiently organize the whole process as well.


Due to the emerging number of mobile and internet users, businesses have no other option but to optimize their services for the mobile users. Especially when it comes to food ordering and delivery, a considerable number of consumers are of mobile users. So in order to fulfill their demands and needs, an inclusive food ordering platform is crucial. Business organizations should accept the inevitability of these mobile ordering systems in the modern world and then begin adopting this strategy to ensure a world-class food ordering experience.

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