Bored of watching the same stuff on TV? Here’s something you could try – get to a computer that is connected to the internet, key in what you would like to watch, and voila, a list of websites that are going to interest you pops up. Remember to type the phrase “+video” along with whatever else you’re keying in. For example, if you are searching for videos on yoga exercises, type “yoga exercises + video”. This will make sure the results show only those pages that have videos of yoga.

Here we have listed some recent reports about online videos, gleaned from various sources.

“Online clips were watched more than four billion times by over 30 million people,” according to internet monitor comScore.

“YouTube was the big winner though, pulling in almost 24 million unique users, meaning it reached 77% of everyone who watched videos online” – BBC.

Another statistical report from comScore states that “over 150 million Americans (80 per cent of the entire U.S. internet audience) watched over 14 billion videos online in December.”

So how have online videos reached this position within a fairly short period of time? It’s actually quite simple. Anyone can find videos on absolutely anything, gardening, exercises, mobile phones, healthcare, lectures, arts, cultures, history, animals are just some of them. The best part is that these videos are free. The availability of TV shows online is another big reason for the popularity of online videos.

Even if you can’t find the videos you’re looking for, all you have to do is ask for it on forums, and within a few minutes, an unknown face will tell you where to find it. You might either get links to the video, or somebody might even upload it for you if they have it.

Owing to this kind of simplicity in getting desired information at zero cost, online videos have become the most preferred way to learn. Entertainment and advertising are two other fields where online videos are immensely popular. It seems now that online videos are replacing traditional television. Giants like Google have been able to foresee these effects and bought

In the future, the world will turn more and more to online videos, for almost all of life’s solutions. Even special events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, Thanksgiving Day celebrations, inaugural functions etc can be shared with the world through online videos. They have more advantages than the TV any day.

Everyone relies on video sharing sites to share them, and millions of videos are uploaded in popular sites daily. In order to maintain their site’s efficiency, webmasters of popular sites are forced to remove some of them, as has happened recently with YouTube. People are now on the look out for more powerful video sharing sites, to be able to upload an unlimited number of videos.

This would be a good time to start your very own video sharing website. Pick up a readymade script and get to work!