WordPress is a well known platform for people to create blogs, both personal and for business. With a plethora of plugins and themes freely available it is also highly customizable. But a little known fact is that WordPress is also a fantastic platform for building a complete content management system. With a little bit of customization, WordPress can be turned in to anything from a social network site to a photo gallery site. Agriya has even worked on customizing WordPress in to an eCommerce website.

With so many powerful built in features like pages for content, hierarchy control to put content in to categories, search engine friendly URL’s out of the box and more, businesses around the globe are beginning to realize that there is more to WordPress than just blogging. Take for example user role management. This is critical in the eyes of many companies who need to have access control to various parts of the website so that nothing potentially embarrassing can be posted to the site.

Agriya has already worked on hundreds of WordPress customization projects building everything from corporate websites which need to have content added regularly such as news items, to large eCommerce sites which allow customers to buy digital products and even let other merchants sign up to sell their own products via the website.

We also have WordPress plugin developers on hand to develop any kind of plugin that you require for your website. Our CSS developers too, are well trained in WordPress template integration and we can offer a speedy turnaround not only on WordPress template design but also on WordPress design integration.

Since WordPress is released under the GNU Open Source License, businesses don’t have to pay any royalty to the WordPress developers and there are no ongoing costs that are usually associated with proprietary systems. Furthermore, WordPress is regularly updated and you can get these updates for free.

If you want to get a free quote on how much it might cost to get your WordPress website customized, please contact us, there’s no obligation and you can use it to get a feel for how much your planned project might cost.