Yii frameworks are considered as one of the most result oriented, open source and secure frameworks available currently in the market. The Yii project was started in 2008 by Qiang Xue who developed it as an attempt to fix drawbacks of the PRADO framework. It is designed for PHP to enable it to provide better user experience through its features. It may not be one of the popular and happening frameworks for Web development but is surely one of the most promising open source web app development frameworks. It’s not surprising to see many companies offering their Yii framework development services these days. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why this framework is admired by some developers and despised by a few.


  • Yii framework has a large community support and since it’s an open-source platform, it allows developers to connect from around the world and share their suggestions and solutions to some of the key problems. This makes it undoubtedly one of the best e-learning platforms out there.
  • Yii framework’s rigid, well-planned architecture assists the developer to devise and develop a technically advanced website. It’s database servers specifically  isolated from the users and helps the developer to create effective and cleaner web applications.
  • This advanced framework provides the users with a lot of options for layouts and themes for a unique designing aspect of the website. It’s well designed unique controller helps in linking different libraries and packages which will eventually decrease the programming load of the developer.
  • Yii development company designed the framework in such a way that it frees the developers from repetitive code writing. Apart from that the developers also ensured that changes implemented in one line are reflected throughout the program. This saves a lot of time and hard work is not necessary.
  • This framework provides web developers with neat Ajax helpers, and that too especially in a grid format.  Also, the CRUD generator uses Gii. It also offers ActiveRecord for different SQL databases and the smart caching feature supports systems such as XCache and Memcache.
  • One of the unique aspects of the Yii framework is it’s added security features preserve and protect sensitive data against outside threats and hence maintaining user credentials and data becomes easier. Some of the security features integrated into this frameworks are the cross-site forgery, scripting and cookies attack.
  • Another astounding aspect with Yii is it’s easy to debug the program because of its simple code format. It has additional features such as a role-based and built-in user authentication process which enables the developing part easier and faster than developed.

Despite the various advantages associated with Yii framework, few developers are staying away from using Yii framework for their web programming needs. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages associated with this framework.


  • Yii framework is sort of over-reliant on static methods which certain web developers might not be comfortable with.
  • The Ajax features embedded in the system is not well-drafted or built smartly as the developers have to use Java language wherever necessary.
  • This framework doesn’t allow the build-up of multiple relations and also doesn’t provide AR queries.
  • Yii framework’s unique design means it requires greater attention from the developers while developing an application. Commit one mistake and the entire program can get over-sized.
  • For young developers, Yii framework might be a little more challenging as they require more knowledge on PHP language, have enough mastery over programming skills and the different add-ons required on it.
  • This framework has a steep learning curve making it difficult for new web developers to start with.

Our Verdict:

Despite its well-known drawbacks, Yii framework is a good choice for developing websites with a layered structural design. This framework along with its extensibility, excellent error handling abilities and security makes it an excellent choice for anything involving e-commerce. If you are looking forward to availing Yii development services, you can contact Agriya who are considered as one of the prominent web development firms. Agriya has experienced, skilled and highly knowledgeable Yii developers who can assist you in developing a well balanced interactive website.  To know more about Agriya’s web development services, please check the link provided below.