Why rayzz video software? It is an attractive video sharing script where you can share videos and photos without any limitations and you can easily upload a photos or videos, and share it to everybody within minutes. You just find your shared videos all over the web literally in seconds, so it makes your sharing process simpler.

The second thing is Rayzz makes getting content from your video source to the web as simple as browse and upload. It is also known as flash encoder software. By using this, you get a powerful tool to convert any video file (mpg, flv etc…) into popular flash video format.

  • It has number of features. Let us see some of its main features.
  • It will display recently added, most viewed and favorite videos for us. It can view total number of friends, number of videos uploaded, new messages etc. in your websites.
  • It is possible to display video details such as tags, runtime, total views, status, number of comments and Video link.
  • Also facilitates you to can remove uploaded videos and edit the current video file details such as video channels, video details, description, enable or disable comments, photos and profiles.
  • It offer simple instruction for uploading videos so user can easily follow this instruction and upload the user favorite videos.
  • By using this rayzz, you can compose new messages just like any ordinary emails and you can able to view inbox/outbox messages too.
  • If you want, it can display most recently uploaded videos, most discussed videos, top favorite videos, random videos etc…
  • It will show all channels and total number of videos and groups in each channel. Each channel will display video listings according to recently added and most watched videos.
  • If you want to search the number of members in your website, you can use the user ID or user name.
  • Mass video upload is available.

Why do people want web video? Most of the online shopping people would like to buy a product from website with video infomercial (a long product /service description and sales information).

Suppose you want to make a clone of some popular websites such as you tube, rayzz can certainly do that easily

Would you like to improve your video websites? Buy rayzz .it will improve your website at the same time it will make a lot of money for you.