The pulsing dance beat can send a flow of cash in to your bank account when you launch your own ClubPlanet clone and target avid party goers and disco junkies. With everything you need to become the number one destination portal for party people everywhere, PartyPlanet is the ultimate events, venues and community platform.

You’ll have everything you need to turn your site in to a high traffic portal with the option to add regular news updates, upload photos and videos and even let people plan their own party nights right from your website. It doesn’t matter whether you are targeting a specific location or plan to go national, PartyPlanet can grow as your site grows.

Events can help drive the success of your site as you host parties to get the word out and then post the photos and videos to your site for all the party goers to check out, rate, comment and share with others. As you host more parties the number of visitors to your site will increase and you can start letting other people add their venues and events to your site (maybe for free, maybe you can charge a fee) which in turn drives more traffic as they promote the event and post photos and videos for people to check out afterwards.

The news section lets you add articles and newsworthy topics which you can collect from the venues and event organizers who use your site. A constantly updated blog with new nightlife information will keep people coming back for more and they can even share the information with their friends, building your site brand and making it become known as the place to get the best information.

Clean and modern or dark and trendy? It might sound like a strange question but with the PartyPlanet you get to choose from two built in templates. The first has a modern, clean layout which is bright and fresh, the other template is dark and stylish. No matter what image you want to project, these two very different templates will be in keeping with your brand image. Expect more PartyPlanet templates to be available soon.

One of the best implementations of PartyPlanet is on one of the Caribbean islands (famous for their laid back approach to life) where the company organizes events like Halloween parties, cruises, house parties and more for the expats living there. It’s become hugely successful and a business model that could be replicated across the world.

Building a business with PartyPlanet is a long term strategy and requires a blend of offline and online marketing and promotion. To get the business off the ground you will need to organize events or have contacts with people who can organize the events. Once your website becomes more popular you can charge businesses to list their own events, offer venues the option of a premium subscription to be featured and of course you can integrate Google AdSense to make a passive income.

PartyPlanet is built on the proven CakePHP 2.0 framework (the same framework that powers GroupDeal, FP Platform and others) which is very well documented. The cost is $1,000 and you can start your own ClubPlanet software right now.