At Agriya we love to hear about the success stories from our clients, whether it’s winning a start up of the year award like Cinkue or launching a new group deal site with over 1,400 customers on the first day like MySuperDeal, we want to shout to the world about our clients achievements.

This week it came to our attention that the owners of, a micro-jobs portal (like Fiverr) that is powered by Agriya’s Fiverr clone software had a very good week indeed.

Zeerk Has Grown To Become The #2 Micro Jobs Site

Zeerk Has Grown To Become The #2 Micro Jobs Site

Launched back in May, the owners put hundreds, if not thousands of hours in to promoting the site and making it the second most popular micro-jobs platform after Fiverr itself. To back up all their hard work, needed to run on a stable platform that was scalable and reliable enough to grow at the incredible rate they experience – probably why Agriya’s software, which is built on the proven Cake PHP framework, was the only ready made piece of software up to the job!

Fast forward several months and the hard work of the owners had paid off and they had built a site with a huge amount of value, so valuable in fact that they were able to sell it recently on Flippa for an incredible $60,000! By our reckoning, we worked it out to be a 3,000% return on investment in just a few months – not a bad return at all!

But it’s not just who have seen some great success, another site which uses Agriya’s powerful software, was also sold on Flippa for over $5,500.

Naturally this kind of success doesn’t come easy and the amount of time and effort both owners had to put in to build up and promote the site is all a factor in the final selling value but it goes to show how much money you can generate in such a short space of time.

Agriya congratulates the owners of both sites and hopes that our other clients can enjoy similar levels of success. We’d love to hear about your success stories from using Agriya’s software, please get in touch with us if you want us to showcase your site.