Agriya Infosystems

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Brand Agriya

On 1st April 2009, Ahsan technologies acquired Agriya. From that grand moment onward Agriya began to function as a highlighted brand of Ahsan having added employees, and ingenious ideas to the crux. Agriya rapidly made its distinctive presence felt in the online world by crafting splendid web solutions, faultless mobile applications, and exemplary products. When Agriya merged into Ahsan, we turned to a good group of 150 web experts. It enabled us to initiate more products and lead all that to success. Thus, the brand Agriya earned the attention of customers rapidly and intensified Ahsan's scope in the potential online world.

Our perception of advertising the brand agriya is definite at large. Agriya intends to develop the advanced concepts into true websites as well as applications that help the small, medium, big and independent entrepreneur to start up their of specific businesses. We feel proud and a sense of liability to showcase our satisfied clientele which touches millions in numbers.

Agriya targets multiple business domains such as Crowdfunding, Freelancing, collaborative marketplaces, rental software, e commerce solutions, digital marketing, and on other sources of entertainment. Agriya's market extends all over the world and we have provided clients with some glossy products namely Getlancer, BookorRent, GroupDeal, BUYSELL, Burrow, Crowdfunding, Burblr, and TaxiPickr. We Agrians are agile and stirred with new ideas. We keep on bringing that into reality.