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"A dream doesn't become reality until it is accompanied with hard work and determination"

Agriya is one such company, which has faced various challenges and proved itself to be one of the best web development companies in the online world. It takes a lot of efforts to reach this juncture. Let´s have a look at the glorious history.

  • Shaping thoughts into reality

    Just one year before the second millennium, a dot com bubble burst in the mind of Mr. Aravind Kumar. He is one of the visionary entrepreneurs of this era, who shaped his thoughts into a revolutionary business. This led to the evolution of a global standard web development company known as Agriya.

  • Foundation of Agriya

    Mastering all the difficulties and legal process, Mr. Aravind Kumar established the foundation of Agriya. With the sunrise of 1st September 2000, Agriya rose as a web development company. It was registered as a partnership firm in the Registrars of companies located in Chennai.

    [Image: Founder]
  • In order to fuel the development of various projects, Agriya hired an expert web professional on May 2001. The month of October opened the doors of international markets for Agriya. On 3rd December 2001, we transformed into a private limited company. Agriya Technologies was rechristened as Agriya Infoway Private Limited.

    [Image: gradual-transform]
  • The Year of gradual transformation

    Agriya cruised through the demands of the local markets and entered into the mighty ocean of web development projects. On 1st April 2001, we had a real-time office in the oil godown

  • [Image: agriya-ventures]

    Agriya's Ventures into a new world

    The brightest minds of Agriya lightened up the path of success. Our hardworking and geeky professionals helped us to take up new projects. On March 2002, Agriya ventured into the world of Pay per Click scripts by launching their first product PaidEmail. This product combined the charm of email marketing and PPC.

  • This move brought more fortune to Agriya's treasure. It also assisted us to shift our office from the oil godown to a rented apartment. We hired 7 more professional to accomplish our projects.

    [Image: 2002]
  • International markets loves Agriya

    On 7th of February, Agriya surprised the Windows desktop world by launching their first desktop software- WebWatcher. This software was a major hit in the windows software markets. On the same month, Agriya got a lot of attention from the global markets. It attracted various projects from America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We delivered projects on time and gained a fantastic web reputation.

    [Image: 2003-international]
  • [Image: 2003-sheer]

    Sheer hard work yields good results. This fact came into reality for Agriya on the year of 2003. On the month of February, we launched a Pay per Click script, ExitExhange clone and dating script.

  • On 1st April 2003, Agriya added another feature to its cap by partnering with SmarterScripts for installation of their scripts.

    [Image: 2003-settings]
  • [Image: 2004-mobile]

    Entering into the mobile application world

    Agriya was all set to enter in the hemisphere of mobile applications and games. Brew and we developed Symbian mobile application. We also developed sportive mobile games for Java and Symbian mobile platform. Some of the popular games are Snake, SimonSays, Triangle, Fiver, Blocks, Clusters, FunnySnake, and Memory.

  • Agriya sailed in the oceans of mobile applications and web development at a rapid pace. We launched several scripts like Traffic Broker Exchange, BannerExchange, GoldRater and rateapicture. The success of these products helped Agriya to lay their foundation stone of their new office.

    [Image: 2004-browser]
  • On the auspicious day of 16th September 2004, Agriya moved its office from a simple rented house to a dedicated office in Kaveri complex, Nungambakkam. Agriya hired some more professional and altogether had a 40 member team.

    [Image: 2004-map]
  • [Image: 2004-time]

    On 17th October, gave a huge surprise to Agriya by featuring Asmallworld. This website was developed by Agriya.

  • Agriya goes International

    These products were very successful in the online markets. On 20th September 2005, Agriya established a new branch in Bangalore. On 30th November 2005, Mr. Alistair Milne invested in Agriya and become the director of the company.

    [Image: 2005-international]
  • [Image: 2005-youtube]

    On the spectacular year of 2005, Agriya fascinated the world by releasing YouTube search, Rockyoulikeslideshow, Flash audio/video recorder pro, Flash slick multipurpose slide video, Dropshots like clients and a video recorder/webcam recorder.

    [Image: 2005-music]
  • [Image: 2005-logo]

    After 5 days of investment, Agriya launched an office in Europe with the name of Agriya Europe Limited. Now Agriya had an office in the Detroit of India, Silicon Valley of India and the continent of opportunities.

  • On 3rd March 2006, Agriya established the UK version of their website This website was specially developed to cater the citizens of UK.

    [Image: 2006-uk]
  • The year of acquisition

    Agriya magnificently launched a YouTube clone script - Rayzz. It is the best YouTube clone script till date. This product made us to reach the entire globe. Following this stupendous launch, we released our first flash product, Agriya FLV Player in another few days time.

    [Image: 2006-acquisition]
  • [Image: 2006-cgi]

    On September 2006, Agriya entered into new spheres of business by acquiring It was a company, which sold products based on CGI scripts. After two months, Agriya Inc was incorporated in Delaware.

  • [Image: 2006-chat]

    The year of dynamic product launches

    We continued to astonish the online world with our flash players. In 2007, Agriya launched FLV Elite Player, FLV Mini Player and Flash Chit Chat. After launching various flash products, Agriya took an extra mile and for the first time, we created new modules. These modules were for Rayzz - a YouTube clone script.

  • We launched our forums on 13th March 2007. Now our clients can clarify their doubts, queries and know more about the product easily. On 28th May 2007, we launched our customer area. This area is a dedicated place for customer's where they buy products, download upgrades and raise tickets.

    [Image: 2006-forums]
  • [Image: 2006-kootali]

    Followed by this launch, we analyzed the concept of Facebook. It wasn't that famous in the United States of America but was popular in European region. Agriya found a great scope in Facebook. On 5th October 2007, we launched Kootali - a Facebook clone script.

  • The year of appreciation

    [Image: 2008-forbes]

    On the morning of 12th June 2008, Agriya received a fantastic news. We were featured in Forbes for its Kootali, a social media script developed by Agriya. This motivated Agriya to create more products. In 2008, Agriya launched Orbit, Anova, Quickcam Recorder, Volume in Joomla, Rayzz Lite, FLV HD Player and Markit.

    [Image: 2008-products]
  • [Image: 2009-dotnet]

    On 16th June 2009, Agriya launched Isocial and Invite. Agriya also ventured into the dot net platform and launched a high end RSVP script - In the upcoming months, we also launched, Discuzz and Volume.

  • Ahsan Acquires Agriya

    On 1st April 2009, Agriya was acquired by Ahsan Technologies. Agriya is now the brand of Ahsan technologies. This acquisition was celebrated in Ahsan's new independent office situated in Krishna Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai. The employees of Bangalore and Chennai were combined in the new office of Ahsan. We had about 150 employees to accomplish the projects.

    [Image: 2009-map]
  • Another successful year for Ahsan - Agriya

    One year had seen the launches of 12 successful products. This helped Agriya to retain the fame of being the best clone script development company in the online industry.

    [Image: 2010-products]
  • [Image: 2010-products2]

    Agriya entered the year 2010 with more confidence to excel in the online markets. Agriya got the fame of being best clone script company in the online world. We invested our time in launching Channel, Photoz, GroupDeal, FP Platform, Tweetpic, Rayzz 3, Feedy, PeeWeePay, Deal Feeder, FlipIt, FP Platform Ultra and SFPlatform.

    [Image: 2010-products3]
  • [Image: 2011-mobile]

    A fortune yielding year for Agriya

    On 22th June 2011, Agriya enter the mighty world of Android by releasing the first ever android mobile application - Groupdeal. Following with this launch Agriya geared up to launch an iPhone application. On 30th August 2011, we surprised the clone script markets and webmasters by releasing our first iPhone application - iGroupDeal in Appstore.

  • [Image: 2011-partyplanet]

    On 1st March 2011, Agriya launched PartyPlanet, a ClubPlanet clone script. Just after 8 days of its launch, Agriya was featured in NYTimes for its GroupOn clone script. In the consecutive months, Agriya launched Nabit, Exposure, PartyPlanet, CoupReseller, Couponator, FP Platform Ultra Plus, Burrow, BuySell and Groupwithus.

    [Image: 2011-products]
  • We also launched a splendid PrivateShop and JustSpotted. In the year 2012, Agriya traveled the power packed journey towards success. We also ventured into the world of Java and started incorporating it in our new scripts.

    [Image: 2012-privateshop]
  • A power Pack Year for Agriya

    In the year of 2012, Agriya launched a penta-core freelancer clone script-GetLancer. It is a combination clone of freelancer, Elance, ScriptLance, Guru and oDesk.

    [Image: 2012-powerpack]
  • [Image: 2013-360contest]

    On 8th April 2013, Agriya launched the most productive design contest script -360contest. It is known for multiple revenue options and innovative features.

  • Agriya started to marketplace

    After the two big launches of the great clone scripts, Agriya was all set to accommodate its employees in a larger office. On 15th June, 2013 we shifted our office from Krishna Street to Mahalingapuram. This office was 3 times larger than then the old workplace. Currently, we have more than 200 expert professionals working for numerous projects.

    [Image: 2013-market]
  • On 13th June 2013, we launched our first ever clone script in Java Platform and Play! Framework. We named it as "Marketplace-Quote". It is a cutting-edge Thumbtack clone script.

    [Image: 2013-marketplace]
  • An electrifying year to strengthen our company's reputation

    [Image: nasscom]

    An important year to strength our brand name 'Agriya' in this industry. We reinforce ourself by becoming the part of NASSCOM Family and by registering the trademark in India and USPTO. Agriya also establishes an effective Affiliate network which helps the entrepreneurs to create a business relationship and earn affluent money with ease.

  • This year, as well, we equally concentrated on both app and ready-made script launch. The following is our exclusive launch works, namely, Mega Software-"Crowdfunding", QR and barcode scanner app for Android devices, an outstanding android application SpotNow, contest software-360Contest, Booking and Rental software-BookorRent and spanking new Fiverr clone script - FPPlatform.

    [Image: launch-script]
  • [Image: iso-cerified-company]

    A Sustainable Development Year for Agriya

    On the March month of this year, Agriya got a recognition of the ISO 9001-2008 standard for world class quality, frequent business enrichment and high-end customer satisfaction.

  • [Image: freelancer]

    It is a golden year, as we launched a rich set of mobile apps and exclusive ready-made scripts launch. It includes our standard new Etsy clone script, evergrowing Freelance Marketplace, and Thumbtack clone script-Getlancer Quote.

  • We have launched the iPhone application for our everlasting Freelance Marketplace script and iPhone apps for crowdfunding platform. We have also come up with two more iPhone apps and an Android app launch It embraces of the Getlancer bidding Android app, an iPhone app for Burrow script and iPhone Burblr app.

    [Image: iphone-app]
  • A heavenly realm year for Agriya

    Great expectations prevailed...on 4th January, we launched TaxiPickr, a fussy Uber clone script for both iPhone and android devices. Our business fortunes smoothly ride on.

    [Image: taxi-pickr]
  • [Image: 2016-Trainr]

    We hit the right note once again by introducing quality e-learning websites. Agriya has always wanted to be contributive and made it possible one more time with the launch of a variety of adaptive learning scripts such as trainr, teamr, tutor, learnr, graspr, teachr and skills respectively.

    [Image: 2016-learnr]
  • [Image: 2016-rent]

    We strived towards bringing up an assistive and beneficial product. Rightfully so, we followed it up by launching two more software, namely Rent&Ride and Online Food Ordering System. Agriya's dream run continues.

    [Image: 2016-ofos]
  • [Image: 2016-blaber]

    Agriya rounds up the year on a high note with the launch of a mobile application for iOS platform, in the name of "BlaberChat"-A Whatsapp clone.

    [Image: 2016-mobile]
  • Agriya achieves the newly revised ISO 9001-2015 Standard

    On the back of high-level quality management, increased customer satisfaction, top-notch deliverables and other quantifiable measures, Agriya has acquired the high-grade ISO 9001:2015 recognition.

    [Image: iso-cerified-2015]