Technology Partners

Agriya believes in a collective effort, and our work methodologies are structured to include businesses of various kinds. We retain a very good core of technology partners of international acclaim. It yields us a competitive edge to strive successfully in the industry together.

Hosting Partners

Products we develop with the aid brilliant technology, detailed research, and joint effort are sold all over the world. We have a massive client base to supplement it. Hence, Agriya maintains the companionship of high-profile hosting service providers to assist our clients.

Reseller Partners

Agriya is keen in building afresh opportunities for enlarging business we do. Our team provides value-added services, and it empowers us to frame an established list of reseller partners. We flourish independently as well as collectively.

Get access to the modern resources, markets, and distribution channels by building a joint partnership with us.

Benefits of our partnership?

  • Internationally acclaimed clients
  • Superb money making choices
  • Minimum risks
  • Informative technical assistance
  • Brand association
  • Great scope for enlarging your business
  • Advanced tools, research & technologies
  • Non-competitive relationship