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AirBNB Clone

  • What is Burrow

    Have a desire to start a pretty sure profitable online business offering exclusive accommodation and Vacation rental software around your region? Here is an apt choice to make your dreams “live” with the help of Burrow, an excellent Airbnb Clone script. Burrow effectively helps an entrepreneur to run an online vacation rental website by connecting the rental host as well as the travelers.

  • How Airbnb clone Works

    Airbnb clone is an exclusive online vacation rental booking platform, whereby it connects the hosters who are having space for rental and the travelers who are looking for accommodation. It makes the user who is having a space can list it in the site by fixing a definite rent for the visitors view.

    So if someone is in need of an accommodation and his expectation could match with the property been listed, then they can make use of it by booking through online.

    So it greatly assists everyone to make their accommodation to be reserved. Moreover, it paves a profitable way for the host by renting their extra space on the other hand, it helps the guests to find spaces to stay at an affordable price compared to the hotels in the concerned region.

  • Why we developed Airbnb clone

    Agriya always strive for innovative ideas and effectively grab the success out of it. This Airbnb clone idea has suggested by our valuable client community and posted as an idea for activation in our effective “ideas” platform. Then we made a rigorous research about the industry’s scope, benefits and drawbacks, finally mounted this as a product for voting. After that, it gets successfully funded in the “funding phase” then finally leads to development phase.

  • Need of Vacation Rental Software in Global market

    These days, search for a rental space become relatively increased in a drastic manner. On the other hand, people want to rent their extra spaces, thereby getting some additional monetary benefit. Thus the vacation rental software plays a key role in bridging the gap between these two extremely related communities.

  • Success Trends of Vacation Rental Websites

    To prove the excellent scope of online vacation rental booking industry, Airbnb has revealed a tremendous growth of almost 100%. In the year-2012, it yields revenue of $1, 20,000 million approximately and in the end of same year, it comes around $3, 00,000 million and this could be really a mind blowing improvement for a five year startup.

    And when we talk about the revenue point of view, here also we can find an increasing stat level. In the year 2009, it shows revenue of $1 million and inhibits $6.8 million for 2010 and now for the previous financial year (2012), depicts approximately $49 million as a gross monetary value.

    So by monitoring such a lucrative business strategy and its extraordinary growth, we at Agriya developed a product called Burrow, an efficient Airbnb clone script.

  • How to earn revenue using this Vacation Rental Booking Software

Airbnb Clone Revenue Models

  • Property Listing Fee

    It is a commission earned from your host to list their property in your site. You can set the amount to be paid with the help of interactive admin panel.

  • Property Verification Fee

    You can earn a definite amount as a commission for verifying the property gets listed in your Airbnb clone script. This amount can also be defined by you conveniently.

  • Traveler service fee

    You can acquire a commission amount from the traveler, once he booked a rental space. You will be provided to furnish the commission amount in the admin panel and you can manage the commission amount by changing as per your convenient.

  • Host Service Fee

    Getting a commission from the host account for their listed property gets booked. And with the help of this service fee, you can earn a lump sum amount out of your Airbnb clone script.

  • User Registration Fee

    Means you can specify the amount to be paid at the time of registering with your Airbnb clone script. So by enabling this option, whenever a user gets registered with your website, then they will be prompted to pay the membership fees. This feature can be enable or disable from admin panel.

  • Advertisement captcha - Solve Media

    These days, spam is considered to be the crucial problem of online industry, but Agriya with its foreseeable insight and integrated an excellent anti spam mechanism, through which Airbnb clone script will restrict spam users and earn money as well.

    So when a user registers on the vacation rental website, the website admin earns money. Agriya has launched this innovative concept as an anti spam mechanism as well as a revenue option in this Airbnb clone script.

  • Advertisement Banner

    In order to drive more traffic and allow them to take advantage of the commercial world, we have created a banner management system which allows you to add remove and change your banners. The site admin can use these banners to use several advertising programs like adsense, thereby attract revenue to the site.

  • Business verticals of Burrow Product

    As for this Burrow product is concerned, it can be fit for any kind of business verticals irrespective of the business segments. Amongst the several segment, some of the prominent verticals are listed as follows.

Airbnb Clone Verticals List

  • Above given are the prominent verticals where this vacation rental booking software can be applied for. Besides that, several indefinite successful verticals are there in the business strategy.

  • Highlighting Features

    This Airbnb clone script is not only integrated with the revenue options, but also intellectually optimized with several beneficial features. The features are as follows.

  • Airbnb clone Features list
  • Check here to know more about the features of Airbnb clone.

  • Features beyond Originals

    We have intellectually integrated the best features from several pioneering rental booking websites like 9flats, Wimdu, Homeaway, Onefinestay, sublet, couchsurfing, wheretosleep etc. So you can call this exclusive script as Airbnb clone, 9flats clone, Wimdu clone, Homeaway clone, Onefinestay clone, Sublet clone, Couchsurfing clone, wheretostep clone.

    And you couldn’t find anywhere the script with this much of exclusive benefits and featured options.

  • Technologies used

    We used the combination of following technologies,

    Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP

    In addition to that, we have specially developed using Bootstrap design for its reliable and crisp design framework. Moreover we fused responsive design layout for effective outlook.

  • Server Requirements

    PHP version – should be 5.2.7 and above (preferably 5.4.17)

    MYSQL: should be 5.x and above

    Apache: preferably to be 1+

    PHP ion cube loader

    You can get to know more information about the server requirements here.

    Check here to see the list of recommended hosting providers for this Airbnb clone script.

  • Support

    Agriya offers an excellent support to our clients’ base which is ultimately beyond their expectation. We deliver our product with three months period of free support and update for one year from the date of purchase.

    Agriya possess an expertise support team, which handles your submitted queries and issues and update you within 24 - 48 hours of time period by means of effective ticketing system.

    In case of software installation, we consume 2 working days (48 hours) as an installation time frame.

  • Why Agriya?

    Agriya is a web development, mobile app development and clone script company which has 14 years of experience in keeping its customer happy. We have a determination to serve them in multiple ways. We discover the latest trends, technologies favorable for them and release them as upgrades. Combining with this, we offer friendly support and a dynamic customization team which provide extraordinary service across the globe


Write your queries to us and we will address them in a short span of time

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The clone products developed by Agriya are inspired from existing proven internet business models. Software created with a backing of millions of dollar and created over a period of time with developers, database architects, server admins etc can neither be made in a jiffy nor be sold under $1000. The clone scripts that are similar to multi-billion dollar business models do have its limitations in terms of scalability, security, upgrades, bugs, new features, usability and stability. However, we try our best to make it as better as possible. Agriya's clone scripts are similar to the original apps, but they are not exact copies. Our clone scripts are sold as licensed copies for a fraction of its original cost, with an objective to help small / medium businesses, entrepreneurs to explore / test the business viability of their chosen niche market and go to market as quickly as possible without costing them an arm and a leg. Every software ever produced has had its own limitations, bugs, issues, usability problems etc. Hence the idea is that as a business owner, you can purchase our scripts to quickly set it up and start testing your niche market in terms of building user traction etc, if it starts to show signs of growth you can engage us for a cost to start improving the product, adding features etc which will enable you to further grow your business. Please contact our business development team for product customization.