Get to know about the exclusive set of features and significant facilities that are powered in our Burrow script

Mobile Applications

The new app trend is dominanting the business world, and this is includes the area of vacation rentals. Agriya utilizes this trend shift by launching their iPhone app for its Burrow product.

  • Burrow iPhone Application

    Burrow iPhone Application

    iPhone app of our Burrow script gives a better way to run your vacation rental business.

Burrow has numerous value-added modules to keep up the performance of the vacation rental business

How to earn revenue using this product

Rapidly earn with your vacation rental business by using these revenue-making options

  • User Registration Fee

    User Registration Fee

    Earn money on every successful user registration, both travelers & host. Admin can enable or disable this fee according to their objective.

  • Property Listing Fee

    Property Listing Fee

    Bring in money to your vacation rental business when the host lists their property for availing accommodation for the world travelers.

  • Property Verification Fee

    Property Verification Fee

    On verifying every property, you can collect remuneration for scrutinizing it. This ensures the safest travel for the users.

  • Traveler Service Fee

    Traveler Service Fee

    Get assured money on every rental space booking made by the traveler. This is one significant money inflow to your vacation rental business.

  • Host Service Fee

    Host Service Fee

    Huge earning option in this vacation rental business is host service fee. Gain commission from host every time a property is booked.

  • Ad-Banner


    Allow the third party organization to list their commercial ads on your website. Get paid for the advertisement banners that are posted.

  • Ad-Captcha


    Admin can receive money on every Captcha word entered by the users while registering with the website. This option also restricts the non-human intervention as well.

Burrow adaptability to the business verticals

Besides the vacation rental booking system, Our Burrow script is highly adaptable for numerous booking platforms. Here is the list of those prominent business verticals.

  • Tourism Industry
  • Hotel Reservation and Car Rentals
  • Apartment Reservation
  • Transportation Industry
  • Event Reservation
  • Electronics and Gadgets Industry
  • Sports and Recreation Industry
  • Food and Beverages
  • Learning & Eduction
  • Movies and Recreational Industry
  • Needs of an Airbnb clone script

    As a market matures with the thousands of players under a single roof, it is harder for new entrants succeed. Attaining swift success in this vacation rental industry is made simple with the off the shelf Airbnb clone script. The best bet Airbnb clone script from Agriya will surely address needs in making a customized vacation rental business.
  • Success trends of vacation rental industry

    Many aspiring entrepreneurs have been part of an online global market, and there is still a huge opportunity to succeed in the online booking business. Outperforming in the vacation rental business is determined by how quickly & dynamically you enter and act in this competitive market.
  • Why we developed Airbnb clone script?

    On every product release, there is always an extensive investigation performed prior to a product development regarding the scope, viability, scalability and many more. Likewise, our Burrow script was developed from our premier clients’ request and vote. We help you achieve success by offering up a ready-made Airbnb clone script -Burrow.
  • Features beyond its original

    Our inspiration comes from the pioneers in this vacation rental industry like 9flats, Wimdu, subiet, Onefinestay, Homeaway, to name a few. Apart from this, Our script is powered with the latest features & facilities that will enrich your vacation rental business, and moves beyond the original market leaders in this industry.

Used technologies and server requirements

The technologies that are employed to develop this Burrow script.

  • php
  • cakephp
  • mysql
  • bootstrap
  • usedtech1
  • usedtech2
  • nginx

Product Portfolio

With our excellent support and technical team effort, we rendered our fruitful service across the global market

Customer Reviews


4.8 out of 5 stars

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

By Paul56955b on 21-Nov-2015United KingdomAgriya Product Reviews

Needed the extra support due to issues in getting set up due to issues with hosting company
Agriya always helpful

One more great product
By Tuncay kece (Tuncaykece) on 1-Sep-2015TurkeyAgriya Product Reviews

I like the way how it greaty function with no problem...with one word AMAZING...
Thanks to Agriya that i have perfect website now since they develope beyond during years ...

By Tuncay kece (Tuncaykece) on 27-Aug-2015TurkeyAgriya Product Reviews

Great clone ever

Great package
By Darren Mckeeman (Dmckeeman) on 23-Jun-2015United StatesAgriya Product Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the package is written in a framework that I am very familiar with. This has helped mitigate the conversion, but the time difference with India is the only sticking point with the support team - I have to work after 10pm my time to be on the same time as the engineers.

I am still playing with it, but we are on track to relaunch our site with Burrow by the end of the week. Just in time for publicity in Playboy!

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Most Helpful Customer Testimonials

By Sean michale on 6-Mar-2014IndonesiaLinkedIn

I have been partnered with Agriya on the Burrow product for 3 years and have had great support and a life business developed. We over here at have been through all the ups and downs you could go through while building on this framework to be a successful company. The one thing i can say about the product is it has been supported well and consistent without any lack of communication or emergencies responded to. Burrow is a great product and its been a pleasure working with Agriya!

By John on 20-Nov-2013CanadaAgriya Client Testimonials

The application support was good. They were friendly and open and was always ready to negotiate on every work. Even though the contact was through online it was easier for us to understand and explain our ideas.

By Carlton Antonio James on 24-Oct-2013SpainFacebook

I have had the pleasure of working with a talented, patience, and
versatile technician. His name is Karthick G. With our a doubt his
talent can not be overlooked. He is very professional, very patience,
and his written English communications made me feel like I was dealing
with an American staff. Thanks a lot Karthick for being the best and
understanding my situation. Please if I ever need any installation work
done, assigned it to Mr. Karthick and none other. The military service
will benefit tremendously from your burrow script.

All the best,

Antonio James
U.S. Navy Officer

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Yes, Agriya’s scripts are all flexible, and adaptable. Clients can customize our codes according to their requirements.

Yes, The source code is encrypted for the purpose of single domain usage. It prohibits multiple domain usages.

Yes, We do provide three months free technical support.

We follow a detailed ticketing system for solving the queries of clients. Clients can just raise the tickets, and get their concerns solved quickly.

No, Our products function on the single domain only. Clients will get the license for another domain for the purpose of testing, and development.

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We maintain flexible chat options and telephonic conversation choices to fix bugs rapidly.

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Our professionals excel in multiple domains. Website life-cycle management, mobility, web designing and development are good instances to the point.

Agriya has a wide range of products as well as web solutions. We make use of advanced web technologies and offer highly competitive pricing. Subsequent to it we provide reliable business development and customer support, hence, we remain as the finest web designing company.

Yes. We always deliver high quality products as shown in the demo.

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In normal circumstances, Agriya develops a customized website within 2 weeks time. At times, the time limit may exceed 2 weeks according to the requirement of clients.

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