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BookorRent - Multipurpose Booking and Rental Software

    • What is BookorRent?

      Nowadays, people are so eager in acquiring everything around the world. But when it comes to an acquisition,they find more constraints like inappropriate item features, unable to find the exact items, lack of reach etc.

      Here is a one stop solution to implement all your needs in to an action. Agriya captured all these crucial circumstances and formulated an effective booking and rental based script called BookorRent, where you can able to run an effective Booking and Rental website which has a listings for rent or book items in the world , as a matter of fact beyond the world too!!

    • How BookorRent Works?

      Users can list their items, products or events for rental in the BookorRent website. The listings can include anything from scissors to satellites. So the bookers can choose their interested items from the listings and book it for their convenient timings.

      By connecting these two burning demand making hosts and bookers community, webmaster can get revenue as a website commission. Besides that, there are several exclusive revenue benefits to the webmaster starting from membership fee, listing fee and so on.

      So this effective Rental script perfectly assists the webmaster to launch a successful and contemporary website capable of running as a Rental and booking marketplace.

    • Why we developed this BookorRent?

      Nowadays the consumption of basic needs and things has predominantly increased which leads to scarcity of resources occur. So, people wanted to utilize the resources more optimistic and conservative. It’s highly impossible to own everything for minimum usage or one time usage which also leads to cost consuming.

      So Agriya converted this demand making scenario in to opportunity and formulated this effective rental and booking script.

    • Need of Booking and Rental software in Global Market

      People from one end want to rent their products or services, but they don’t know where exactly wanted to rent their products or an events.

      In other end, people are more interested in acquiring rental goods and services, but they couldn’t find the appropriate place to get the rental products and items.

      In another angle, people need something most simple and not occur common in rental aspect.

      By fusing these triangulating demands in to one acute point, Agriya wisely formulated an ever trending script called BookorRent, a one stop solution for book or rent any object in the world.

    • Success trends of Booking and Rental industry in Global market

      Agriya got inspired with the following logical facts and built this excellent product.

      For any of the event, there will be approximately 65% of observation occurred when it done through collaboration.

      Nearly 70% of the people in the world prefer to live in a sharing economy and they lead a successful life too.

      On an average, 63% of the total population willing to offer their items for sharing, if it yields revenue for them.

      And many more. So these kinds of amazing facts inspired us to develop a contemporary booking and Rental website and induce the online business through this timely contribution.

    • How to earn revenue using this product

      BookorRent is facilitated with multiple ranges of revenue options to the webmaster and it assists them to launch a successful Rental and booking website among the competitive rivalries.

    • Revenue Models
    • Website commission

      Once the booker booked an item from the listing, there will be a dedicated amount transferred from booker to the webmaster and that amount is termed as website commission.

    • Listing Fee

      For every products or an event to be listed in the website, host has to pay certain amount to the webmaster for the item to get displayed for the user’s view.

    • Membership fee

      This is considered as a gateway fee for the users to get registered as a website member. If a user wants to become a member of the website, then they have to pay a sign-up fee to the webmaster.

      This membership fee option can be enabled or disabled by webmaster in the admin interface. And they can set this membership fee as zero for free membership also.

    • Advertisement Captcha

      This is one of the revenue models as well it acts as an anti-spam mechanism for the website. For each signup, webmaster will get a revenue through solve media advertisement Captcha.

      On the other hand, this revenue model will act as a protective anti-spam mechanism to block the non-human access to the website.

    • Advertisement banner

      This collaborative rental and booking script allows the webmaster to earn revenue in terms of advertisement also. Webmaster can get revenue for publishing the third party promotions and advertisements in their website.

    • Where we can apply this script?

      Since this dynamic script is developed based purely on rental and booking an item or an event, so it can be applied for any business verticals easily. Among all the possible verticals, some of the significant business verticals are listed below.

    • Verticals List
    • Highlighting features

      This well-equipped BookorRent has several extraordinary features and mind blowing options to conveniently handle out the listings and the users effectively. The key features of the script are as follows.

    • BookorRent Features list
    • You can check all the features of the BookorRent script here.

    • Technologies Used

      In this effective BookorRent script, we used the combination of following technologies. Linux, Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Postgresql,PHP and CakePHP.In addition to that, we have specially developed using Bootstrap design for its reliable and crisp design framework.

      By using Bootstrap now the website will fit to any screen resolution and devices like Desktop, Mobile phones, Tablets etc. Moreover we fused responsive design layout for effective outlook. And we wisely integrated the provision for developing the iPhone application.

      • Features beyond originals

        Generally, there are plenty of online solutions which help the webmasters to start either a booking or a Rental business. For the first time in the online business scenario, Agriya made a milestone by launching an effective product which can be applied for booking and Rental verticals.

        This is the first ever booking and Rental script developed in such a way by wisely integrating several beneficial options and most expected features from several successful websites like Uniiverse, Vayable, Udemy, GetyourGuide, Airbnb, 9Flats, Evenues, Eventbrite, Opendesk, BookmyShow, Eventjini, Buzzintown and many more.

        Hence the webmaster could find all the powerful option from these websites in this one multi-packed booking and rental software. So this innovative strategy would greatly helpful for the startups and entrepreneurs to successfully launch a powerful website for booking and Rental business.

      • Server Requirements

        PHP version –5.2.7 & above (preferably 5.5)

        MYSQL: should be 5.x and above

        PostgreSQL - 9.3

        Apache: preferably to be 1+

        Nginx: 1.5.2

        PHP ion cube loader

        You can get to know more information about the BookorRent server requirements here

        Check here to see the list of recommended hosting provider for this BookorRent script.

      • What kind of support you will get

        Agriya offers an excellent support to our clients’ base which is ultimately beyond their expectation. We deliver our product with three months period of free support and update for one year from the date of purchase.

        Agriya possess an expertise support team, which handles your submitted queries and issues and update you within 24 - 48 hours of time period by means of effective ticketing system.

        In case of software installation, we consume 2 working days (48 hours) as an installation time frame.

      • Why Agriya

        Agriya is a web development, mobile app development and clone script company which has 14 years of experience in keeping its customer happy. We have a determination to serve them in multiple ways. We discover the latest trends, technologies favorable for them and release them as upgrades. Combining with this, we offer friendly support and a dynamic customization team which provide extraordinary service across the globe.


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