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Contest Software

  • What is 360Contest?

    Agriya warmly greets you to the highly lucrative world of online business. Recent days, this exceptional contest industry is getting more energetic and competitive. Millions of ideas and concepts are evolving every day. Contest driven websites proves to be one of the strongest concepts among them. Analyzing various aspects of the contest industry, we have developed a vibrant script which is capable of hosting any kind of contest based on design, video, audio and text.

  • How this Contest Software Works?

    "Variety is the spice of life". As the given statement implied, this ingenious contest script enables the webmaster to run an efficient website used to host design, video, audio and text contests. Once the user is in need of files in any of the format, they can furnish their requirements in the site and published them as a contest by paying the contest listing fee.

    So the participants who have already registered in the website will take part in the contest and submit their files against the contest. So the contest holder will review the files been submitted and selects the finalist. From there on, the interaction will be with the finalist participants only.

    At last, the winner will be declared by the contest holder and transfer the prize amount to the winner. Webmaster will get a dedicated commission from the prize amount. Besides that, webmaster will shower with several additional revenue options also.

  • Why we developed Contest Software?

    We have specially formed a platform for innovation and creativity nothing but an ‘Ideas’ platform. This indigenous platform helps the users who have a unique idea with an excellent business prospects, they can post it in the ideas platform. So if the idea has a good scope and future, then we will show cased that for the public view. And if the user defined idea gets more traffic and demands, then we will move it to the funding status.

    Once the idea gets enough funding, we will proceed with the development process by analyzing the feasibilities exclusively.

    Like how, the exceptional design contest concept has submitted and now grown up as a contest driven software and surpass the design contest industry.

    Over a period of time, we observed there is an ardent demand for the audio, video and text contest also, so we devised a new dimensional contest script by fusing those contest segments with our design contest script to launch a versatile website which is capable of hosting powerful audio, video and text contest.

  • Need of this Contest Software in Market

    People on one side have proficient skills in participating audio, video, image and text contest, but they don’t have the proper guidance to implement such skill sets and thereby capture the projects. On the other hand, people couldn’t find the appropriate participants to get their project done. So this functional gap has always been there between the two extremities.

    So Agriya keenly analyzed the growing demands with these two communities and formulated this 360Contest as a successful solution for the contest industry. This exceptional contest script propels the entrepreneurs to run a successful contest website for designs, text, audio and video etc.

  • Success trends of Contest Websites in Global Market

    Famous design contest website, Design crowd has awarded more than 7 million dollars to its designers. On an average 100 designers take part in every design contest.

    About 96% of satisfied customers recommend websites like These factors motivated us to build a combination clone of 99designs, logo tournament, design contest, design crowd and crowd spring.

    A reputed video contest website, Wooshii has built its network with 4000 professional video makers across more than 30 countries in a short span of time.

    And so on to explore about the benefits of contest industry. Hence this evidential print helps us to opt with the development of contest script which is capable of running for quad-core success making verticals.

How to earn Revenue using this Product?

  • Our expert development team has integrated the various features to enhance the experience of the contest software. They have also taken efforts to include multiple options for generating revenue. This will help the site owner to earn in various ways. Let's have a look at those options.

  • 1. Ad – Banner Management

    In order to drive more traffic and allow them to take advantage of the commercial world, we have created a banner management system which allows you to add remove and change your banners. The webmaster can use these banners to use Google Ad sense, Yahoo publisher, AdChoices, adBrite, Clicksor and various other advertising programs, which would attract revenue to your site.

  • 2. Ad-CAPTCHA Management

    We develop our products with respect to our customers' demands. One of the crucial demands is to include a mechanism to stop spam users. We took an extra mile and associated a revenue generating option as well. We have added an innovative CAPTCHA system which provides a visual puzzle and specializes in security checks.

    We have intelligently included this CAPTCHA system in registration form. A user who has to register will enter the CAPTCHA and thus we will earn revenue from it. Agriya, has launched the first ever revenue generating CAPTCHA system in clone script markets.

  • 3. Membership Fee

    This exceptional revenue options allows the webmaster to greatly restrict the spam and non-interested users from the contest software. Webmaster can set up a membership fee for the users who wants to become a member of the contest website. It is the part of strong revenue model of 360contest. We have also provided an option to alter the membership fee in the webmaster’s interface.

    Since the membership is comes under paid one, it provides an assurance to contest holders that professional participants alone will take part in the contest website.

    And the webmaster can enable and disable the membership fee according to their preference.

  • 4. Contest Duration Fee

    Contest holder can alter the duration of their hosted contest by observing the response received. For expanding or reducing the duration of the contest, they have to pay certain amount to the webmaster by opting with the choices set by the webmaster.

    Here the webmaster can add more duration options using the dynamic form builder. Moreover the webmaster can mention different price rates for each category also.

  • 5. Additional Contest Options

    We have provided additional contest options, so that the contest holder can get maximum benefits. For each and every option we have revenue associated with it. Here are the following options.

  • Blind Contest

    The participants can only view their entries and will not be able to see the entries posted by other participants. This additional feature is specially crafted for ensure the quality of contribution to the contest. It will motivate them to participate more effectively since other participants will not be able to use the concepts of them.

  • Private Contest

    Your contest will be visible to the registered participants. This adds an added advantage of security and also drives more proper traffic to the site.

  • Featured Contest

    The contest will be listed before the non featured contest. This additional feature will help the contest to gain more visibility and will excite the participants to participate in your contest.

  • Highlighted Contest

    Colors are the best signs to project the matter to be more emphasized. So contest holder can differentiate their contest in terms of some typical color code.

    Hence it automatically pulls the participant interest towards the contest. For declaring the contest to be highlighted, contest holder has to pay a fee to the webmaster and thereby they can gain extra traffic towards the contest.

  • 6. Participant Commission

    As soon as the contest holder declares a winner, the winning particiapnt is rewarded with the prize money. The site admin can set up a percentage of commission in the admin panel and obtain a part of the prize money.

  • Where can we apply this Contest Script?

    As for the contest script is concerned, it wisely equipped in such a way it can be applied for any business verticals in a hassle free manner. This outstanding script has all the exceptional four pillars of business verticals, so the entrepreneurs can run this comprehensive contest script in any of the verticals successfully.

    Agriya always preferred to render utmost benefit to their businesses. This exceptional contest software has four prominent wings of business application through which webmasters can attain their success with the corresponding business domain.

  • Highlighting Features

    This well stabilized 360Contest has several exceptional features and mind blowing options to conveniently handle out the contest and the users effectively. The key features of the script are as follows.


    You can check all the features of contest software here.

  • Technologies Used

    In this effective contest driven script, we used the combination of following technologies. Linux, Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Postgresql, PHP and CakePHP. In addition to that, we have specially developed using Bootstrap design for its reliable and crisp design framework.

    By using Bootstrap now the website will fit to any screen resolution and devices like Desktop, Mobile phones, Tablets etc. Moreover we fused responsive design layout for effective outlook. And we wisely integrated the provision for developing the iPhone application.

  • Server Requirements

    PHP version – 5.2.7+ (Preferably 5.5)

    MYSQL- Should be 5x and above

    PostgreSQL - 9.3

    Nginx: 1.5.2

    PHP ion cube loader

    CakePHP – 2.2

    You can view the server specification of this contest script in detail over here

    And also you can see our recommended list of hosting providers of this contest software here.

  • What support you get from Agriya?

    Agriya offers an excellent support to our clients’ base which is ultimately beyond their expectation. We deliver our product with three months period of free support and update for one year from the date of purchase.

    Agriya possess an expertise support team, which handles your submitted queries and issues and update you within 24 - 48 hours of time period by means of effective ticketing system.

    In case of software installation, we consume 2 working days (48 hours) as an installation time frame.

  • Why Agriya

    Agriya is a web development, mobile app development and clone script company which has 14 years of experience in keeping its customer happy. We have a determination to serve them in multiple ways. We discover the latest trends, technologies favorable for them and release them as upgrades. Combining with this, we offer friendly support and a dynamic customization team which provide extraordinary service across the globe.


Write your queries to us and we will address them in a short span of time

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