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Kickstarter Clone

  • Glance of Crowdfunding Pledge

    Personalize, mold and replicate the entire business model of Kickstarter for your nation, language,currency and preferred niches with Agriya’s fundraising software – Crowdfunding Pledge. Just install it on your server to easily create, launch, manage and maintain a Next Generation Crowdfunding platform in days.

    This Kickstarter clone script powers your website with super responsive web designs and multi-dimensional features in such a way that, you will never miss a conversion from both mobile and desktop users.

  • Mechanism of Pledge Business Model

    Users from all walks of the digital world post their creative ideas on the website, backers view their listing and if that idea interests them, they fund their idea for the exchange of rewards. You generate revenue from every pledge made via your website.

    crowdfunding pledge mechanism

  • Revenue

    Easily generate money from these dynamic revenue models of this fundraising software.

  • Crowdfuning Pledge Revenue Model
  • Membership fees - Users pay a small fee to register as a member on your site

  • Listing fees - Users pays a listing fees to post a project on your crowdfunding platform

  • Website commission - Generate a dedicated percentage of revenue from every pledge made through the website

  • Ad banners - Place third party advertisements on your crowdfunding platform and generate revenue from them

  • Ad-Captcha - Earn money whenever a user enters CAPTCHA on your site

  • Highlighting Features

    Power your website with the extraordinary touch of versatile features from this Kickstarter clone script. It not only exceeds the expectations of the users, webmasters and the backers of the website, but also effectively assists you to host pledge based crowdfunding model on your site. Explore these features right away.

  • Crowdfuning Pledge Features List
  • You can check all the features of crowdfunding pledge here.

  • Verticals

  • Choose any niche of the digital world and our fundraising software will make a new exclusive website for it in just few days.

    Crowdfunding Pledge Verticals List
  • Technologies Used

  • This Kickstarter clone script uses the right combination of technology to keep your crowdfunding platform miles ahead of the competition in the online world. It utilizes power packed PHP platform with Cake PHP framework, Linux, Ngnix server, Apache, Bootstrap, secure Mysql and PostgreSQL database. This combination will make your kickstarter clone website more responsive, quick and reliable in the digital world.

  • Server Requirements

    PHP version – 5.2.7+ (Preferably 5.5)

    MYSQL- Should be 5x and above

    PostgreSQL - 9.3

    Nginx: 1.5.2

    PHP ion cube loader

    CakePHP – 2.2

    You can view the server specification of this contest script in detail over here

    And also you can see our recommended list of hosting providers of this contest software here.

  • What support you get from Agriya?

    Agriya offers a friendly support to you. We will deliver this Kickstarter clone script with three months of free support. We also provide one year of free updates for this script. Our support team will handle all your queries and reach you with 24- 48 hours.


Write your queries to us and we will address them in a short span of time

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