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Thumbtack Clone

  • Getlancer Quote

  • Getting all the local services done successfully with the thriving service marketplace business model is the latest trend. Having confirmed the massive scope of this business, Agriya makes an earnest effort and developed a readily available script. It is universally named as Getlancer Quote- The clone of Thumbtack. It assists the entrepreneurs to establish their own service marketplace website in the international arena just in a few days.

  • How it works?

    Your website will act as a bridge to connect the service providers to the requesters in your region with ease. This script avails your website with two special ways that helps to reach out each others in their comfort zone.

  • If a single service provider is selected for performing a specified service in your website, then it is known as direct lead. On the contrast, choosing a particular provider of the same group of service profession is known as indirect lead.

  • Once the chosen service professional’s quote is accepted from the seekers’ end, the service requester gets their unique service at the stipulated time period. Being the webmaster, you get a commission from the selected quote and on every service completion.

  • Why we developed this Thumbtack clone?

  • These days, an enormous number of local professionals of various services are now seeking the online podium to grab the job opportunity prevailing in it. On the other hand, thousands of service requestor are also looking for the service providers through online for accomplishing their own day-to-day errands and activities with ease.

    In conforming to the successful trend that is impacted with this demand-driven service marketplace in the online world, we have developed an off the shelf solution namely "Thumbtack clone script-Getlancer Quote".

  • Success trends for the service marketplace based site in the global arena

  • Approximately, around 3 million projects have been requested over every year for various services like painting, cleaning, repairing, maintenance work, event planning, wedding catering, to name a few through this service marketplace.

    Moreover, at around 75000 professionals are getting jobs every month with the arrival of this service marketplace consistently. This leads to enhance the life of all those service professionals drastically.

    One more study says that every year the number of service professionals as well as the service seekers is doubling its number in various service marketplace websites like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, airtasker, agentanything and many more.

    With this success trend in the market, Agriya brings forth its most remarkable thumbtack clone script-Getlancer Quote to the online world.

  • How to earn money out of this excellent Thumbtack clone?

    Thumbtack Clone Revenue Models

  • Start making out your revenue immediately by establishing your own service marketplace site with our Getlancer Quote- the clone of Thumbtack. Have a look at the revenue making options crafted by this script.

  • Subscription Fee

    For quoting a service requested by the seeker, service professionals have to pay subscription fee in either one-time or periodic basis. You can also elaborate your earning by sorting out various fee structures for every service category that are listed on your site.

  • Transaction commission

    Whenever a transaction happens in the website, you can earn a definite commission amount from it. Moreover, you can also fix up different commission fee for direct and indirect lead types.

  • Ad-Captcha

    Earn a considerable amount of money whenever the users enter the Captcha word during the login process in the website.

  • Ad-banner

    Generate an enormous revenue by allowing third-party organizations to list their advertisements in your website.

  • High-end business verticals applicable with our Thumbtack clone

  • There is huge scope for the millions of local services that can be successful with the Thumbtack like business model. Our exclusive Getlancer-Quote script is highly capable of handling all those services or high-end business verticals of service marketplace in the single roof.

    Thumbtack Clone Vertical List
  • Highlighting features

  • The features incorporated in this Getlancer-Quote is helpful in managing and operating your own service marketplace site effectively. All its features are uniquely designed for gratifying the needs of both site users and website owners like you. Here is the complete list of the highlighting features of this script.

    Thumbtack Clone Features List
  • Check out the detailed description of this Thumbtack clone features list.

  • Features beyond originals

    Agriya takes a complete care to deliver all its ready-made scripts with lot of uniqueness in it. For this, we integrate all our scripts with numerous features and modules that helps the entrepreneurs to outperform in their businesses rapidly. That being the case, we have crafted many advanced features in our Getlancer Quote script. All the features in this script is ahead of its original site named Thumbtack.

  • Technologies used

    We used the right combination of the following advanced technologies in this script,

    Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

    In addition to that, we have specially developed using Bootstrap design for its reliable and crisp design framework. By using Bootstrap now the website will fit to any screen resolution and devices like Desktop, Mobile phones, Tablets etc. Moreover we fused responsive design layout for effective outlook.

  • Server Requirements

    PHP version – should be 5.2 + and above (preferably 5.3.5)

    MYSQL: should be 5.x and above

    Apache: 1+ (preferably to be 2+)

    Ngnix : 1.5.2

    PHP ion cube loader

    Recommended Linux distribution

  • You can get to know more information about the server requirements here

  • Check here to see the list of recommended hosting provider for this Thumbtack clone script

  • Support

    Agriya’s expert technical team will install this Thumbtack clone script in your server within just 2 working days without any delay. Our support team will provide complete after installation assistance and respond to all your queries within 24-48 hours

  • Why Agriya?

    Agriya is a web development and clone script company which has 15 years of solid experience in making its customer happy with their products and services. We have a determination to serve them in multiple ways as they expected. We discover the latest trends, technologies favorable for them and release them the upgrades of our products in a timely basis. Combining with this, we offer friendly support and a dynamic customization team who provide extraordinary service across the globe.


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