Experience the satisfactory performance of this Whatsapp clone script with some significantly added features

Blaber Chat's reinforcement to the business verticals

Apart from the expected communication experience, Our WhatsApp clone script is formulated in such a way to benefit several communiites like

  • Retail Shop
  • Marketing
  • Audio & Music
  • NGO
  • Health & Fitness
  • Project Management
  • Medical Institutions
  • Academics
  • Business
  • Transportation
  • Need of Instant Messaging App Builder

    Chatting app businesses are flourishing aspect and budding entrepreneurs want to put a unique mark on their own brand. With Agriya’s user-friendly WhatsApp clone script -Blaberchat for iPhone, this avenue has opened up. Specifically, our instant messaging app script allows your online chatting app to go live fast. Helping the online entrepreneurs to swiftly launch their successful online chat platform on the go.
  • Success of Online Chatting Application

    The Internet is filling up with real time messaging applications. Conventional understanding and implied application regarding instant communication has changed. There are numerous successful online chat applications in existence, but innovative and attractive applications that stand out are sought after. As long as there are interested users, aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit, by creating lively and active Instant Messaging Application.
  • Why we developed this WhatsApp clone script?

    Inspired by Whatsapp, we have added robust, fun-filled functions, such as larger file transfers and picture cropping which are features that are missing in other builds. This WhatsApp clone script for iPhone is sure to help entrepreneurs in their many kinds of business ventures. Agriya is keen in developing its product and services with utmost beneficial factors enriched with a rich set of features and services.
  • Feature Beyond Its Original

    The Success of a real time messaging application depends on the effectiveness of its integration. Ultimately, feature sets are key in determining user reach. And with this in mind, we have designed our Online Chatting App Script. Our WhatsApp clone will help you better attract user’s. Solidify your place now with Agriya’s newest Instant Messaging App script - Blaberchat app.

Used technologies and server requirements

All about the latest technologies utilized in developing this user-friendly WhatsApp Clone Script.

  • swift
  • ios
  • angular
    Angular JS
  • angular
  • mysql
  • bootstrap
  • usedtech2

What support you will get?

  • freeupdates
    Free Updates
  • freesupport
    Free Support
  • freebrandremoval
    Free Brand Removal
  • freeinstallation
    Free Installation
  • accesstosourcecode
    Access to Source code

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Quick FAQ

Yes, Agriya’s scripts are all flexible, and adaptable. Clients can customize our codes according to their requirements.

Yes, The source code is encrypted for the purpose of single domain usage. It prohibits multiple domain usages.

Yes, We do provide three months free technical support.

We follow a detailed ticketing system for solving the queries of clients. Clients can just raise the tickets, and get their concerns solved quickly.

No, Our products function on the single domain only. Clients will get the license for another domain for the purpose of testing, and development.

Yes, We do provide maintenance and services after the delivery. We maintain various levels of pricing and slabs.

Yes, Custom development services are applicable for all our products. We run three engagement models namely fixed cost, time&material, and dedicated developer for providing custom development services.

We maintain flexible chat options and telephonic conversation choices to fix bugs rapidly.

Our team will set an exclusive server suiting to the needs of the sole user. Only the client can access, monitor, and communicate with us through it. Entire data regarding the ongoing project will be updated in that exclusive server. Thus, clients can easily gain control over the project development.

Our rates are highly competitive. Our product customization rates start from $20 per hour and customer support rates range from $12 per hour. These rates may change according to the complexity of tasks clients assign us.

We maintain ‘up front’ and ‘milestone basis’ terms to make payments for our products and customization process.

We sign the non disclosure agreement based on prevailing industry standards to keep up confidentiality.

Yes. We can adapt to client’s on-site development requirements.

Obviously, we do sign service level agreements and contracts.

Our professionals excel in multiple domains. Website life-cycle management, mobility, web designing and development are good instances to the point.

Agriya has a wide range of products as well as web solutions. We make use of advanced web technologies and offer highly competitive pricing. Subsequent to it we provide reliable business development and customer support, hence, we remain as the finest web designing company.

Yes. We always deliver high quality products as shown in the demo.

Clients can freely submit the relevant inquiry form, and our business development team will contact them at the earliest.

In normal circumstances, Agriya develops a customized website within 2 weeks time. At times, the time limit may exceed 2 weeks according to the requirement of clients.

We cater clients with many services including digital marketing, dedicated developer, and SaaS.

We do not provide any kind of web hosting services, but we recommend some specific web hosting services.

Yes. You will get the complete authority to control the website and applications we have developed for you.

We maintain a comprehensive software testing process, superior client-oriented services, and agile work methodology to assure reliability and quality of products we deliver to clients.


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The clone products developed by Agriya are inspired from existing proven internet business models. Software created with a backing of millions of dollar and created over a period of time with developers, database architects, server admins etc can neither be made in a jiffy nor be sold under $1499. The clone scripts that are similar to multi-billion dollar business models do have its limitations in terms of scalability, security, upgrades, bugs, new features, usability and stability. However, we try our best to make it as better as possible. Agriya’s clone scripts are similar to the original apps, but they are not exact copies. Our clone scripts are sold as licensed copies for a fraction of its original cost, with an objective to help small / medium businesses, entrepreneurs to explore / test the business viability of their chosen niche market and go to market as quickly as possible without costing them an arm and a leg. Every software ever produced has had its own limitations, bugs, issues, usability problems etc. Hence the idea is that as a business owner, you can purchase our scripts to quickly set it up and start testing your niche market in terms of building user traction etc, if it starts to show signs of growth you can engage us for a cost to start improving the product, adding features etc which will enable you to further grow your business. Please contact our business development team for product customization.
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