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Backbone.js is a purposefully designed JavaScript library in MVC pattern to summarize data into models, along with the DOM into views. It happens to be an ideal option to bind views and models, as well. It saves developers from complicating the applications by adding multiple lines of codes. The API of Backbone.js is clean and suitable for the use in multiple devices. This adaptability in multiple devices makes it a widely accomplished platform.

The naming of functions sticks to reality in this platform. According to the alterations developers do in the model, the platform automatically adjusts the HTML of applications used by the clients. It makes the maintaining of data in the server very easy by using Backbone.js. For arranging the codes of business applications in a better way, developers find this platform as the finest option. Backbone.js can be used for the creation of client-side applications that run on various devices.

Backbone.js development services:

  • Backbone.js mobile, desktop & wearable application development
  • Backbone.js technical consulting services

Advantages of Agriya’s Backbone.js development services:

  • Effective creation of views s& Event binding
  • Finest API integration
  • Clear, simple, and well- arranged codes
  • Codes that give plenty of freedom for customization
  • No need of keeping the data in the DOM
  • Excellent break-up of codes as .js files in the form of modules
  • Highly adaptable utility library
  • Server refreshing for making the exclusive products

JavaScript object oriented model followed by Backbone.js intelligently designed to reduce the task of developers. It is entirely client-side codes that assist developers in controlling the whole arrangement of data in an adaptable structure. Agriya’s credit as a backbone.js development company mainly resists in the delivery of web applications that are low in price, and superior in quality. Our developers never get mess up with codes, or make web applications that stand back in performance. We simplify the whole process of Backbone.js application development by retaining a well-designed workflow.

  • We keep the flavor of core component up by enforcing a correct pattern of MVC
  • Simple, and well-presented documentation
  • We utilize the SoundCloud and the Foursquare for creating applications that involve less coding
  • Agriya ensures event-driven linking of views and models
  • Manual events for establishing data-bindings, and individual key-value for maintaining a KVO library
  • Agriya links the front-end with the back-end for offering great support to clients by using a brilliantly designed Backbone.js RESTful interface

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