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Cross-platform application development is not entirely a new concept now. It has been put to practice from many years before. Tight competition coupled with the coming up of innovative devices has ushered in some brand new ideas that drastically flared up the world of mobility. Cross platform development is one such concept. Agriya has developers who have high technical know-how about the functioning of HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Hence, they practice cross platform development with a considerable amount of ease. For maintaining our excellence as a cross-platform application development company, we utilize prominent technologies like PhoneGap. It helps us to develop splendid mobile applications that function beyond the expectations of our clients in every platform including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Palm. Thus, screen resolutions, a variety of platforms and devices never act as a hindrance for Agriya’s mobile apps development.

Before providing cross-platform development services to our clients, we do a detailed study of their requirements, and then seek out ideal solutions. We prefer native technologies for enabling cross-platform development services. Our cross-platform application developers handle core technologies like Java and C with any errors. For delivering the application to clients, our professionals go through exhaustive testing and quality checks. Hence, we make sure that we provide clients with the very best cross-platform development services.

Our cross platform development particulars

  • Faultless app store validation
  • Leads the app perfectly to the business market
  • Understands your business domain and creates apps accordingly
  • Powerful UI/UX integration suiting various platforms
  • Class-leading quality checking process
  • Optimization which makes database packing and unpacking so simple
  • Cross-platform solutions for all business domains
  • Designing and creation of all types of protocol stacks
  • Creation of brief native codes for speedy performance

Advantages of Agriya's cross platform development services

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    Keeps your apps up to date
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    Enables fine business interactions
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    Offers full rights of mobile source codes to you
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    16+ years of experience in overall mobile apps development
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    International exposure and has clients all over the world
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    ISO and NASSCOM certified development process
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    Energetic, expert, and friendly developers

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