• Embrace the sublime artistry of creating stunning graphic designs, enduring images, readable typography, responsive user-interfaces, fit in illustration, and Scalable UI/UX with Agriya's expertise in Design&Graphics.

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      Responsive Website Design
    • E-commerce design
      Ecommerce Website Design
    • responsive-mobile-design
      Mobile Site Design
    • ui-ux-design
      UI/UX Design For Web & Mobile
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      Mobile Apps UI Design
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      Graphic Design
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      Logo Design
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      Corparate Identity Design
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      CMS Theme / Template Design

  • Responsive Website Design

    Creation of a website which fits multiple devices has become a frequent practice of the modern day web designing. The exuberance of responsive website designing involving the play of fluid grids, flexible layouts, and fine tuned CSS media queries is capturing the likes of users everywhere. Agriya as a hardcore responsive website designing company formulates web pages that add your conversion rates and bring superb SEO results. Our classic responsive web designs cover the advantages of built-up time & cost.

  • mobile-ui-app

    Mobile Apps UI Design

    The majority of our day to day needs can be accomplished with the aid of mobile applications. It extends from the booking of a cab to the buying of a mobile phone. The interest of users and the number of investments business persons dedicates for developing mobile applications have intensified Agriya's strategy of designing user-friendly UI for mobile apps. Mobile apps UI designed by us is marked by superior graphics, prototyping, interactivity, visual assets, animations, and the best branding essentials.

  • UI/UX Design for Web & Mobile

    Agriya cultivates high standards, and discipline in designing UI and UX for websites, and mobile applications functioning on various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. Before designing a UI/UX for web or mobile apps, we fetch for optimum specimens and get all that enacted on the designs we deliver such as product structure, competitor analysis, content development, wire-framing, prototyping, interactivity, and adaption to multiple devices so on.

  • graph-design

    Graphic Design

    Graphic designing belongs to a much wider category, user interface development. Agriya showcases experienced craftsmen who are distinctly skilled in the art of creating impressive graphics& animations for a website as well as mobile applications. Outstanding designs that have no faults in shapes, color-patterns, presentation of images, specific typography, and visible spaces are assured with Agriya.


    • profssional-designers

      Professional Designers

      Designing of a website as well as a mobile template is our sphere and we are passionate and obsessed about it. Meet the phenoms who can gracefully sketch the designs you love.

    • design-trends

      Latest Design Trends

      Styles, fads, and crazes are limitless and dynamic. Responsive designs, infinite scrolling, modular text, clever menus, an app inspired web design or materiel design: you just name all those, we have it for you.

    • look-feel

      Look and Feel

      What makes your website or mobile applications different is the presentation of contents including images, and videos in it. Agriya never creates similar elements repeatedly. We arrange 'things' in the right way to provide a brilliant look& feel.

    • creative-approach

      Creative Approach

      A website which spreads the theme of your organization to users in a creative way having a lot of innovative features presented in it is what we create all the time. Our approach is simple and result-oriented.

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