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If you require a real-time website which performs lively by including chat options, or a frequent change in data which is to be written, and accessed very quickly, Node.js will serve as the finest option. The pure JavaScript built on V8 engine enables Node.js to work really fast in such circumstances. This non-blocking I/O object model is used by organizations that run million dollar businesses like Twitter, Google Chrome, and Dow Jones.

Services Agriya offers as a Node.js development company

  • Development of highly event driven Node.js web applications
  • Customized Node.js development services
  • Development of plugins, and portals
  • Real-time business applications development with Node.js

Hire Node.js developers to get instant solutions

The tech gurus in Agriya brilliantly uses the merits of this light-weighted V8 JavaScript engine to develop web applications that do multiple reading and writing tasks at a time on file system over the internet. Agriya is a one stop destination where you can hire node.js developers of a supreme quality.

Agriya's developers have a sound knowledge of the functional event loop principle which helps Node.js to function without any performance lag. Thus, our developers enable two-way communication between clients and servers easily possible. We have proven our excellence in Node.js development services by offering real-time web applications such a chat engines, and games to our clients.

Merits of our node.js development services

  • We realize the business needs of clients quickly and act accordingly by providing low-cost services.
  • Together with providing web applications, we deliver excellent client care too.
  • No messing with strategies & codes resulting in fast results Sophisticated, lively, and fast performing Node.js applications.

Node.js development is nourished by an environment which promotes the reuse of codes. It assists every developer to create web applications rapidly using Node.js. It is a fantastic platform in many aspects.

  • responsive-design
    Low-level API & simple installation process
  • web-ui
    Great entry level codes that can be reused
  • js-plugins
    Extensive community
  • built-less
    Highly scalable applications
  • cross-platform
    Excellent functions for HTTP and TCP protocols
  • integration
    Less development time
  • Compatability
    Less parsing time
  • Open-Source
    The best platform for chatting applications

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