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PHP is a server side scripting language that allows users to create dynamic web pages as well as applications. PHP is much similar to Microsoft Active Server Pages, Java Servlets and Cold Fusion Module, but known to be much easier to program with, comparatively faster than its competitors. And what is more exciting is that there is always something new to learn and master in PHP. Agriya represents the expertise version of a PHP web development company, dedicating ourself for quality, creativity, and future possibilities.

A decade ago, the process of PHP web development was entirely different. Back then, the PHP developers were designers who need to perform several tasks like front end programming, database engineering and more. Now, things have changed for the better. Today’s developers have the luxury of using many ready-made components in their development process. But, whatever the change may be, the basic pillars of PHP Web development remain same. Agriya integrates this similarity with future mutation in mind.

Benefit of a PHP framework

  • PHP provides intensive Library support (like GD library, Ming) and extensions that support extra functionalities like graphic design and image processing.
  • Because it runs on a web server, it can function as a best server side scripting language.
  • Speed and performance are the two major advantages that you can enjoy over the servers when using PHP framework.
  • Considering the scalability factor, one can wholly rely on PHP which is highly scalable.
  • PHP is free of cost. it is open source and the developer's community continues contributing to its existence.
  • There is no specific OS that PHP is predisposed to. Ie, one can run it on any Os like Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OSX.
  • Accessibility to familiar frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, ZEND, and Yii.
  • Unlike other programming languages, it is easy to understand where a problem has occurred and how to resolve the same with a little help from PHP community.

We code to impress!

  • We excel not just by creating an excellent user interface, but also by improving the end user’s experience.
  • We utilize several open source platforms to develop competitive, dynamic PHP web pages.
  • We design systems and platforms while keeping scalability in mind.
  • We ensure your application has the capability to overcome any spikes or seasonal loads.
  • Security first! Security is a top priority. We assure you a secure product through secure code reviews and proper testing process.
  • Agriya's creative and experienced PHP developers make sure that our development methodology is aligned with your business needs.

Agriya’s featured custom PHP development services involve:

  • PHP Website Development
  • E-Commerce Application Development
  • Development of E-commerce applications
  • Portal web development services
  • CRM as well as CMS application development
  • Creation of specific corporate websites
  • Hybrid PHP web application development
  • Customizable social networking website development
  • Customization of open source web applications
  • Creation of intranet web applications
  • Enriched internet application development
  • Maintenance& updating of existing PHP websites

So what makes us different from others? Agriya's team thinks beyond close ended possibilities to bring innovation into everything we do. We make choices and take the right steps that benefit your business needs. It doesn't matter how small or large your expectation is, Agriya will always provide you with quality innovative web development services that will help meet your business needs.

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